Junkyard Golf Manchester

Junkyard Golf, Manchester is a fun, trendy venue offering creatively themed crazy golf courses. Step inside ‘Manchester’s beloved neon playground’ and enjoy the electric vibe with ultraviolet colours for that extra-magic. Junkyard Golf houses three crazy courses, each with nine holes. The first of the courses is Bozo. This one isn’t for the faint hearted. Work your way through a creepy fairground themed course and beware of getting lost in the hall of mirrors. Gary is part amazing scrap heap part UV disco party. Will you succumb to the raving music, get trapped in a metal crusher or will you keep a level head and putt your way to victory? Pablo is another mind-boggling course sure to test your mettle. Work your way through a tropica… Read more >


Mini Golf

2 First Street, Manchester, M15 4RP