Junkyard Golf

6 Venues
Junkyard Golf is a crazy golf concept which celebrates the strange, bizarre and the peculiar. Junkyard Golf venues offer three different crazy courses: Bozo is for those who enjoy that uneasy feeling; that something unnatural is watching you. The course has a creepy fairground feel, emphasised by the circus freaks and twisted clowns, who bear down on you as you navigate the holes. Pablo is for the adventurous types. Grab your backpack and head into the polluted jungle paradise to discover ancient ruins, escape from pirates and shelter from the erupting volcanoes. Gary is the junkyard original. A trip back to the 90s as you putt through the UV garage, scrapyard slide and bounce along to the disco vibes. Around the courses you’ll find an array of reclaimed and repurposed features from speedboats to life-sized plastic cows covered in UV paint. Each Junkyard venue showcases wonderfully creative holes, many crafted around interesting pieces acquired from skips, charity shops, car boot sales and other random places. Junkyard Golf bars serve beers and cider as well as their bespoke colourful and nostalgic cocktails.  You don’t even need to play golf, you can just come on in, enjoy a drink or two and soak up the vibes.

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