Otherworld Victoria Is Now Open For VR Escapism Experiences

Back in June we reported that OTHERWORLD has raised £2.9m in funding from leading venture capital funds and signed leases on prime sites in London Victoria and Birmingham. We are delighted to announce that OTHERWORLD Victoria is now open.

Located in the Nova building, where Sourced Market used to be, OTHERWORLD transports you to a virtual island paradise. Before the gaming begins you are welcomed into the luxury departure lounge with self-serve bar, which you can pop into even if you aren’t playing.

When it’s time to play you and your friends (up to 8 people per pod) enter your private immersion pod. These are as futuristic as they sound. Here you disembark into The OTHERWORLD.

With your game selected and headset on a trip to the OTHERWORLD paradise island is a fully immersive experience. You’ll feel the summer breeze blow through your hair and the uneven surface beneath your feet. The ground-breaking Immersion PodTM  reacts to your adventure not only with incredible sound effects but with heat, wind and movement … the pod literally rumbles.

This is not style over substance in any way. The gaming is superb. With games and experiences to suit complete beginners all the way through to experienced gamers. At the centre of the OTHERWORLD island is World Tree, a map which helps you easily navigate to the game of your choice. Games are located in four regions: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The regions relate to the difficulty level of the games within that region. A visit to Spring will suit newcomers whilst Winter will provide ample challenge for seasoned pros.

There are 15 different games and experiences to choose from. In Spring, for example you might fancy Fruit Ninja where you get to compete for glory in the courtyard of a Japanese Temple. Perfect your ninja skills to avoid being smacked around by the fruit bombs. Experienced VR players might flex their muscles in Arizona Sunshine, fighting together to survive in a zombie apocalypse. However, many of you will be drawn to try out what is considered the best VR game ever, Half-Life: Alyx … check this out …

Whilst playing you’ll earn yourself DreamCoin which can be used to purchase additional time in the VR world or use it to buy drinks in the bar.

In the bar you’ll discover a 10-tap self-serve drinks wall. Options include Peroni, Asahi, Tiny Rebel, prosecco and sumptuous cocktails from Black Lines. Alternatively, you can visit the chiller and grab yourself a craft beer, urban cider or hard seltzer from Meantime, Tiny Rebel, Hawkes and Viper.

The bar is open to the public so you can come in, enjoy a drink and the light show, even if you don’t fancy setting off for the island.

Chief creative officer Ed Wardle said: “Our second location is a first-class departure lounge to a parallel universe. We’re excited to welcome our guests to an awe-inspiring space where they can prepare for their journey into virtual reality.”

If you’re still not convinced, check out this teaser trailer from the Hackney venue …

Chief executive Chris Adams added: “The new location is part of a wider expansion. We’ve been spurred on by fantastic guest feedback and strong trading results and are working to take OTHERWORLD to new cities across the UK.”

As I mentioned earlier, OHERWORLD are currenly working on a site in Birmingham which they hope to open soon. They also have plans to open up in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, within the next year. OTHERWORLD are looking to partner with franchise partners in Germany and the US to expand their VR gaming experience outside the UK.

Where: 85 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 0QJ / 336 Acton Mews, Haggerston, Hackney, E8 4EA
Cost: £14 – £48 depending on date, time & session.
Age: 16+ although 12+ welcome with an adult. May not be suitable for children after 6pm.

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