The Floodgate

The Floodgate, Birmingham is a high-energy venue offering batting cages, pit pat and curling. Incredible tunes, joyful UV lighting and party vibes from the get-go, you don’t want to miss this. Do you like golf? What about billiards? Then Pit Pat might just be your thing. This crazy activity is a mixture of the two. There is an immersive 18-hole course that’s full of madness. Work your way through loops, jumps and tiny little tunnels to see who emerges victorious. Try out your swing in the Bleachers batting cages. The Floodgate hosts four inside and two outside batting cages. Book into yours for a chance to show off your skills. Can you hit a ball that’s flying at you at 90kmph? For that winter sports vibe and to channel your inner Olympian, have a go at curling. Split into teams and slide your stones as close as you can to the centre button. The team with the highest score wins. The Floodgate is host to street food vendor Ellie May’s Food Truck. They offer up a menu filled with tempting foods like burgers, sides and loaded fries. They also have specials available, like everyone’s favourite, classic cod and chips (served with chips and tartar sauce). We also recommend you try their Grilled Halloumi Wedges Special (6 grilled wedges tossed in a Chinese seasoning with a sweet chilli sauce dip. There is a wide array of drinks available at The Floodgate. Choose from a selection of beers, spirits, wines, and cocktails. Try their popular Strike Out (Absolut raspberry, triple sec, strawberry, mango, lime, and cranberry). Alternatively, enjoy the Tennessee vibes of The Great Bambino (Jack Daniels, Amaretto cherry, lemon, and coke). The Floodgate is available to hire for private events. Packages are available to help you get even more value for your money. Gift cards are available.


Crazy Pool

104 Floodgate St, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SR