Roxy Ball Room Arndale

Roxy Ball Room, Arndale, Manchester is a gorgeous venue offering a range of activities including ten pin bowling, American pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, beer pong and crazy pool. This ‘adult playground’ really brings the fun to life with glowing UV paint, neon lights and a bangin’ soundtrack. Roxy Ball Room has six different types of games available including ping pong, where you can really embrace your playful side on the UV painted ping pong tables. Take a shot at beer pong and see who emerges victorious (or sober). Test your skills on their striking ten pin bowling lanes and keep your balls out the gutter. Take a shot at American pool and see if you can win a clean game. Shuffleboard is also available to play; it might look gentle… Read more >


Bank Shot Shuffleboard
Beer Pong
Crazy Pool
Ping Pong

Unit R3 Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 3AQ UK