Point Blank Shooting Manchester

Point Blank, Manchester is a speakeasy cocktail bar with a difference … they specialise in competitive simulation shooting. This is a stunning union between cocktail bar, pizza emporium and shooting range. Thankfully, your Glock, AK47 or MP5 submachine gun will be bullet free but instead equipped with laser technology, so there’s no problem wielding both a weapon and a cocktail. Book into a range with your mates and make a visit to the armoury. There are over 200 shooting scenarios with amazing realism so it’s amazing whether or not you’re an experienced shooter. Want to upgrade your gun? Then do it. The armoury holds six different weapons for you to choose from. Point Blank has a delicious snack-based menu including wings, pizza, f… Read more >



Basement, 78 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2FW