Meet Space VR Nottingham

Meet Space VR in Nottingham is an awe-inspiring venue offering a massive selection of virtual reality games. This venue is an amazing choice for anyone that wants an out-of-this-world experience. There are four experiences to choose from. Zero Latency is an advanced warehouse scale free roam experience. Enter with up to eight players and choose from eight games. In Far Cry VR you do whatever it takes to get off the island. Dive deep into the jungle of insanity while trying to escape henchman that are hunting you. In the VR arcade there a selection of arcade styled games like Fruit Ninja. Slice and dice a variety of fruits thrown your way, don’t hit the bombs though, that’s game over. The immersive Play Zone is more team focused, play games like Angry Birds Smash and Zombies vs Brains on a digital wall. Games Masters are around through the session to help you maximise your experience. Meet Space VR doesn’t serve any food or drinks but that’s not to worry, there are loads of restaurants and bars nearby so you’ll be able to fill up before and drink up after your session.


Virtual Reality

Victoria centre, North Car Park, Cairns Street intu, Nottingham NG1 3QN