London Shuffle Club

London Shuffle Club is a fresh venue offering table shuffle and lane shuffle. LSC is perfect for anyone who wants some friendly competition, in a fun yet relaxed environment, whilst enjoying a fabulous cocktail. London Shuffle Club has two amazing variations on shuffleboard. In table shuffle you choose your teammates wisely and slide your puck down the long thin table getting it as close to the end as you can, without sending it off the table. Strategy is a very important aspect in this game so think before you slide. In lane shuffle each team has four discs (biscuits). Teams take it in turns sliding your biscuits down the lane; try to get them as close to the tip of the triangle as possible. If your biscuit is touching ANY line or lands in the kitchen (end zone) you get no points. Simple right? You would think so. London Shuffle Club’s food menu consists of heavenly sourdough pizzas and desserts. Why not try the Wake N’Bacon (mozzarella, parmesan, smoked pancetta, double egg and black pepper)? Or the ‘Nduja Wanna Funk (tomato base, mozzarella, barruta, Calabrian ‘Nduja). You could finish that off with a Nutella calzone – yummy. This venue has a wide range of mouth-watering drinks including wines, champagne, beer, cider, spirits and cocktails. They regularly mix up new, bespoke seasonal cocktail creations, so you’ll often find a new tipple to try. However, they also have those much-loved classics, Espresso Martini anyone (Absolut vodka, espresso and kahlúa)? The Whiskey Sour is a fan favourite (Jack Daniels, lemon and miracle foam). Bookings are available for parties.



4 Ebor Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6AW