Joe Joe Jims

Joe Joe Jims, Birmingham is a live music venue offering retro video games, arcade and shuffleboard. This venue is the perfect destination for anyone looking for some rocking live music, competitive socialising, drinks and great food. Hop onto a shuffleboard table with mates for the ultimate test of control. You and your opponents take it in turns sliding a weighted puck down the table trying to get it to stop in the high scoring zones without it going off the edge. Be warned, it’s harder than it looks. There is also a selection of retro video games available to play. Games include Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Sega Rally. There are loads of arcade games around the venue like the coveted penny pushers and some pinball machines. Joe Joe Jims offer up a mouth-watering drinks menu with a choice between beers, wines and spirits. You’ll have no problem finding something that’s just right for you. Joe Joe Jims don’t currently serve food but there are many takeaways nearby so you’ll be able to fill up before or after your visit. Private booking is available for all you party needs.


Video Games

444 Lickey Road, Cofton Hackett, Birmingham, B45 8UU