Gravity Wandsworth

Gravity Active Entertainment Centre in Wandsworth offers visitors bowling, darts, e-karting, e-sports, electric gamebox and mini golf. Tagged as The Department Store of Fun, this colossal leisure hub is located at the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. This exceptional venue offers a full day of family fun and then in the evening they drop the lights, ramp up the volume and max out the tempo on their high-octane E-karts. The 100,000 sq ft site, set over four floors, hosts eight extraordinary immersive play experiences. JAPANESE E-KARTING
Set in the hectic streets of a Japanese city you’ll find the UK’s most powerful, multi-level, electric go-karting track. This activity is the adrenaline junkie’s dream, with 8-meter downhills, high speed banking corners and at night, the karts go even faster. The immersive experience is completed with a wok and go noodle kitchen and Japanese izikaya. AUGMENTED REALITY BOWLING
Gravity have secured the very first UK installation of Brunswick augmented reality bowling system – Spark. Offering 14 lanes of bowling with state-of-the-art lane surface projection which responds to your game play. But this just isn’t animated bowling lanes, Spark features interactive games giving you a bowling experience like no other. URBAN STREET GOLF
Tour the delights of New York on this highly competitive 10-hole urban street golf course. The graffiti clad course will have you putting across Central Park, taking a trip in a yellow cab, but make sure there’s no jay walking past the Statue of Liberty. You can even link your putter to an app on your phone so you can track your scores without some fiddly bit of paper and a pencil you lose at hole 2. AUGMENTED REALITY DIGITAL DARTS
This is about as far away as you can get from a traditional game of darts. This is fast paced, captivating darts where the impressive digital display, which projects on and around the board, guides you and your mates through some intense gaming fun. ELECTRIC GAMEBOX
You might have come across extraordinary group gaming phenomenon at Lakeside in Essex, the Arndale in Manchester or on the Southbank in London (they also have a site in Dallas, USA). You and your crew enter a private, interactive digital room where you’re surrounded by projection mapping, touch screens and where your every move is tracked. It’s as if you’re inside a video game. There’s a whole host of games to choose from Ticket to Mars, Rescue the Royals or Alien Aptitude Test. Which will you choose? E-SPORTS GAMING ARENA
A wonderland for gamers you’ll find the latest consoles paired with state-of-the-art screens. FUNBOX ARCADE
Packed to the rafters you’ll find a wonderful array of nostalgic arcade games sitting alongside all the latest innovative favourites. As with the rest of Gravity Wandsworth, in the Funbox you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive games which have never been made available for your home console. SHUFFLEBOARD
To finish the list of activities, is Shuffleboard. A highly addictive and tremendously competitive pub game, shuffleboard is the ultimate way to decide who’s buying the next round. Battle the opposing team by sliding your puck down the gorgeously shiny shuffleboard table and into the scoring zone. Question is, will they knock you off and shatter your dreams of glory? With all this excitement you’re going to need to keep your strength up. Unsurprisingly Gravity Wandsworth are pushing the boat out to cater for all your needs. The site includes three bars. Newtons Cocktail bar is a high-end New York loft bar with a varied drinks and snacks menu. Oishii Oishii Japanese Noodle Bar serves authentic street foods and drinks. There’s also the Gravity Social sports bar!


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Wandsworth High Street, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4TF