Felson’s Birmingham

Felson’s in Birmingham is a relaxed, graffiti splattered urban venue offering pool and shuffleboard. This venue is a great choice for anyone that wants a laidback night full of banter and friendly rivalries. Hop on a pool table with mates for a chance to show off your skills, if you’re not a pro then practice makes perfect. You’ll be clearing the table in no time! Alternatively, you could give shuffleboard a go but beware, it’s harder than it looks. You and you opponents take turns in sliding a weighted puck down the table trying to get it to stop in the end zone. Don’t let it fall of the edge though that doesn’t get you any points. Felson’s has a tasty buffet menu that’s perfect for groups. Will you choose the classic or deluxe? The classic consists of burgers, chips, garlic bread, chicken goujons, sausages and nachos. Whereas the deluxe option has all of these plus some yummy extra like mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and sandwiches. Felson’s offer up an extensive drinks menu with mouth-watering items including beers, wines, shots, bombs and a large selection of luscious cocktails. Venom anyone (Southern Comfort, Smirnoff Red vodka, WKD blue and a dash of orange juice)? Or if you prefer a stronger mix maybe you would like a Spiced Ginger (Havana Club Cuban spiced rum and Schweppes ginger beer). Bookings are available.



Ground Floor, 266 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2DS