Drop Shot

Drop Shot, Digbeth, Birmingham makes the best use of a warehouse – awesome wall art, table tennis, shuffleboard and pool. Start your night the right way in this high-vibe venue. Incredible art covering the walls, bangin’ tunes, friendly rivalries and great food to top it all off. Remember that bet you made with your mate that you could smash them in ping pong? Well maybe it’s time to make good on that bet? Hop onto one of eight Olympic grade ping pong tables and show everyone what you can do. If pool is more your thing, then great, they’ve got that too. Now all you have to do is win a clean game. Alternatively, you could have a blast at shuffleboard. Slide your puck down the table with just the right amount of power and you could be in for a chance at winning. Just hope your pals don’t play dirty and knock you into the gutter. There is a selection of tasty wood fired pizzas at Drop Shot for that nice smoky flavour. Share a pizza with your mates or have one to yourself if your hungry enough. There are also fries and chicken wings available. Now all that’s left is the pineapple on pizza debate. Drop Shot offers up a drinks menu with tantalizing drinks including wines, beers and some amazing signature cocktails. Anyone for a Dropshot Slammer (Jack Daniels, Amaretto and Coke)? Shuffle and Smash is another great choice (Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice). This venue is 18’s only after 8PM


Ping Pong

60 Heath Mill Lane, Deritend, Birmingham, B9 4AR