Café Kick

Café Kick, London is a fun-loving sports bar offering table football and live sports on TV. This venue is perfect for any football fanatic looking for a great vibe to watch the game; with a little extra. At Café Kick you and friends are pitted against each-other playing football, but table football style. ‘Kick’ the ball up and down the ‘field’ and try to score against your opponent, you get 11 balls per game so you won’t have to worry about a tiebreaker. I couldn’t think of a better game to play to get you in the football spirit, especially with live matches playing on screens around the venue. So come along, hop on one of the finest French foosball tables and let loose. You won’t regret it! Café Kick has a delicious food menu which includes bagels and platters until midday, when it swaps to an everchanging blackboard menu. You’ll normally see two vegan or vegetarian options, a soup and a meat/fish dish. They also serve up delicious Jersey oysters and some of ‘the best smoked salmon in town’. The everyday boards contain Cicchetti’s, Pintxos and Canapees which are delightful snacks for those looking for a smaller bite. This venue serves up a wide range of mouth-watering drinks including beer, wine and spirits from around the globe. There is also a selection of cocktails available, El Mexican anyone (Sauza Hornitos tequila, ginger, blackberry and a dash of lime juice)? Or why not try a Pom Pom (Plymouth gin, Calvados, pomegranate with optional egg white)?


Table Football

43 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QL