Boom Battle Bar Glasgow

Boom Battle Bar, Glasgow is a striking, party bar with seven activities including axe throwing, shuffleboard, crazier nolf, ping pong, augmented reality darts, beer pong and American pool. Boom Battle Bar feels like a bar, but with added fun. Loud music, buzzing vibe, cocktails and phenomenal games, what’s not to love? This venue hosts a variety of wild activities, one of which is axe throwing. Test your throwing skills and see if you can hit your targets. If precision throwing is more your thing try AR darts. It’s an incredible multi-player evolution of the traditional darts and has 10 different game modes. Crazier nolf offers a twist on the classic game – catapults, conveyor belts and holes you play with your hands. Boom Battle Bar… Read more >


AR Darts
Axe Throwing
Beer Pong
Mini Golf
Ping Pong

Unit 23, St Enoch Centre, 55 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW UK