Kings Golf Studio, East Grinstead prepares to Tee Off

The excitement is building as the Kings Golf Studio, located in The Atrium leisure complex, enters phase two of the building project – meaning it is near to completion.  This latest gift to East Grinstead has been developed by pro-golfer Gary King and golf enthusiast Joe Favata – new to the competitive socialising scene (but very welcome). 

The venue boasts an enormous array of golfing experiences suitable for all ages. Furthermore, with its lounge, restaurant and bar it looks to be a fantastic place for an evening out, complete with competitive fun with your friends! 

Kings Golf Studio is set to use the latest technology to offer virtual reality driving range and global golf course simulations via: 

  • 9 Simulator Bays 
  • Trackman 
  • Gears 3D swing analysis 
  • Swing Catalyst 3D 
  • GCQuad performance monitoring 
  • Puttview interactive environments 
  • CaptoGolf putting analysis 

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As well as Kings Golf Studio, the locals of East Grinstead can also enjoy The Atrium Cinema and Volume 1 Climbing

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