TOCA Social Shoot For Glory At The Bullring, Birmingham

TOCA Social first opened in London’s O2 in August 2021. Following an extraordinarily successful first three months they now have plans to open their second site, at The Bullring in Birmingham.

TOCA Social is a wonderful experience. With the world’s first interactive football screens, an impressive bar serving glamorous cocktails and food created by a Michelin trained chef.

The new venue will occupy the top floor of the former Debenhams, around 40,000 sq ft. The rest of the site will be take over by Marks and Spencer. Should all go to plan TOCA Social, Birmingham, will open in 2023.

What is TOCA Social?

This vibrant venue isn’t just for ardent football fans. The immersive technology and football-based games are, not only exceptional quality, but hilarious fun to play, regardless of your ability. Once you’ve got on your special TOCA Social trainers and selected your game, all you have to do strike the release button, watch the ball as it shoots out the delivery slot and bam – you kick it straight at the target! You’re a footballing legend.

Currently there are four games available include Atom Splitter, where colourful and textural atoms move around the enormous screen. As you hit the atoms they split. If you’re able to target the smaller atoms you earn more points.

From my experience it seems that all immersive, technology driven activities (be that darts, shuffleboard, clay shooting or TOCA Social) like to have a game which brings out our competitive desire to take out the opposition. The TOCA Social version is, Eliminator (the clue’s in the name). Each player’s face appears on the screen within a sphere. The aim is to strike your opponents face, which removes a segment of their sphere. Lose all their segments and they are out. Oh, its brutal.

Top flight food and drinks

A night out at TOCA Social is not just about the game play. You are treated to the most gorgeous cocktails and the food is outstanding. In fact, you can just come in for the food and drinks, playing football is not compulsory.

The fully loaded bar has drinks for all your party. However, they specialise in exquisite cocktails.  You can choose from a canned cocktail (£9) or a mixed before your eyes option (£12.50). Everything from their Wred Card (Wray & Nephew Rum, Raspberry, Grapefruit and Lime) to Mezzi, Lionel (Kock El Mezcal, Ginger, Lychee, Yuzu and Lemon).

The food menu delivers popular American style meals, with a global twist. They have a Mitchel trained creative chef developing their offering. From Double Shell Tacos, with spicy BBQ Jackfruit, to Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich. Then there’s the sides. Which should be called “TOCA’s Titillating Titbits”. Slaw, Bouji Fries, Mac & Cheese – they really shouldn’t be an optional extra.

So, Birmingham, although you’ve got a bit of a wait … it’ll be worth it!


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