The Hole In Wand Spread Crazy Golf Magic In York

Although this isn’t strictly a Social Playlist venue, in that it closes at 7pm most days. It is such a gem that I just had to tell you about it.

The Hole in Wand specialise in wizard golf. A delightful 9-hole, indoor crazy golf course with a magic theme. Plus, it has a well-stocked café / Tavern which also sells alcohol (another reason this venue made the Social Playlist cut). So, this is a fun venue for a spot of early evening laughter.

Calling all wizards and wand wafters, the young at heart, this is the place for you. Located within Coppergate Shopping Centre, right in heart of York, you’ll be challenged to complete the course. Your success or failure will dictate which free potion gift you’ll receive at the end of your game. Will you be awarded the powers of a Basilisk, Unicorn, Serpent or Wizard?

The holes are all distinctive and invite you to conquer various magical challenges from bubbling cauldrons, magical portals, search for Grobblenook the missing Gargoyle and you better hope you can cast the right spell to light up the Tunnel of Truth.

You should also reward your victory with a trip to Wizard Tavern where you can power up with a Wand Dog, GrobbleNachos or Uni-Pop-Corn. Alternatively (and this is what I’d do), you can opt for one of their gorgeous cakes. Why not wash it down with a magical cocktail or Enchanted Butterscotch Beer.

The Hole in Wand has been loving created by local entrepreneurs Ben Fry and Phil Pinder, who also run the The Potions Cauldron at 9 ¾ Shambles, York. The venue opened for the first time on 17th May this year and is in a brilliant location opposite the world famous Jorvik Centre.

“We are desperate to share the magic of the Hole In Wand with the families of York,” said Director of Wizardry, Phil Pinder.

“Our course has been designed to bring the magic back into days out after lockdown.

“From our giant picture frame where players might become part of the painting to teaching a special light spell to illumine the way forward we will give our visitors a fantastical experience as they help us search for Grobblenook.”

Clearly this is a very child-centric venue but I know some of you love something a little left field and also might have some apprentice wizards you want to entertain. Enjoy!

Where: 14-16 Coppergate Walk, Coppergate Shopping Centre, York, YO1 9NT
Age: 3+, all under 11s must be with an adult
Cost: Starts at £6.99 per player but have other packages available

Details were correct at time of publication. Please check out The Hole in Want website for up-to-date information.

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