The Best Escape Rooms in London

Jennie Hogg | July 01, 2022

Do you have the skills and wits to be able to conquer the gravity defying challenges, uncover the murderer or defeat the mad professor? Yes, well then you’ve got loads of Escape Rooms to try out in London.

If you’re looking for things to do in London this weekend, then let our Playlist be your guide …

The Crystal Maze Live Experience, Piccadilly

Crystal Maze Live London

It takes finely honed skills to defeat the Crystal Maze. How will you fare? Find out as you test your wits against fiendishly tricky challenges and run around like headless chickens, all whilst wearing some sensational satin bomber jackets! Whether you remember watching the original show back in the day or you’re just looking for an original adventure, you’re guaranteed for a great time! Perfect for everything from mates to first dates, it’s sure to be an experience that will go down as legendary. What are you waiting for? Live out your wildest 90s fantasies and check out their website to find out more!

Where: 22-32 Shaftesbury Avenue, West End, London, W1D 7EU
Cost: Prices from £55 pp
Age: 9+ with restrictions

Sherlock: The Official Live Game, Shepherd’s Bush


Fan of Sherlock? Yes, we’ll you’re going to love this! Don your deerstalker and drum up your inner detective as you enter Sherlock: the Official Live Game, complete with immersive sets and environments from the hit show. Crack a brand-new Sherlock case before time runs out, either as a private experience, or in a shared room, or perhaps check out their immersive cocktail mystery in the Case of the Poisoned Chalice. Work together with your teammates as you journey into Sherlock’s world, with original content from the stars of the show including Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman and many more! Check out their website to find out more.

Where: West 12 Shopping Centre, Shephard’s Bush, W12 8PP
Cost: Prices start from £30 pp
Age: 18+ for the cocktail experience

Escape London, Shadwell and Shepherd’s Bush

An escape room at Escape London

Find clues, solve logic puzzles, break codes and find the key to your freedom using your brainpower and problem-solving skills! You and your mates will have to band together in order to escape in time – but from what exactly is your choice. Reckon you can successfully steal the haul of a lifetime in Casino Heist? Perhaps you can claim the legendary Sword of Britain, and with it, the throne, before the pretenders arrive in Overthrone? Can you defeat the mad professor and keep your magic powers in Witchcraft and Wizardry, or maybe discover the secrets of Area 51 and whether the truth is really out there! Da Vinci and the Holy Grail? Or maybe pirates are more your thing? With all these rooms and lots more on offer, you’re spoilt for choice this summer at Escape London! Check out their website and get yourselves down there for the adventure of a lifetime!

Where: (Shepherd’s Bush) 117 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 8NL, (Shadwell) 412 Commercial Road, London, E1 0LB 
Cost: Dependant on the number of players, but approximately £28-£30 pp
Age: Adults must be booked into the room if players are under 14

No Escape, Oxford Street, Holloway, Brixton and Aldgate East


Unleash your inner spy and follow in Churchill’s footsteps (in this case, quite literally) as you fight to recover some vital documents for MI6. Extract your boss from Hornsey Underground Prison, where you’ve got an hour to help him escape before you end up on the wrong side of the bars as well! Use your wits to escape the Killer’s lair before he enacts his brutal revenge – only your puzzling skills can help you flee to freedom! Discover the secrets of the Haunted Toy Store, complete with toys being found in odd places and children going missing. Are you brave enough to uncover its mysteries? Can you solve the disappearance of the butcher’s daughter and escape his second, deadly workshop, all before he returns? Or perhaps you’d rather use your skills to escape from the deadly Dentist before he “finishes” your appointment? All this and more are available to play at No Escape this summer, so be sure to check them out! And with seven award winning escape rooms, it’ll be an experience like no other. Here’s a link to their website to find out more.

Where: (Oxford Street) 3rd Floor, 51 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2EF, (Aldgate) 59 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7TD, (Holloway) Unit 38, 10 Hornsey Street, London, N7 8EL, (Brixton) Effra Social, 89 Effra Road, SW2 1DF 
Cost: £38 pp 
Age: 10+  

Omescape, King’s Cross and Aldgate


One of the best escape rooms on the London scene, Omescape is certainly not one to miss this summer! With completely immersive, mind-blowing fun, you can find clues, solve puzzles and play either in real-life or VR as you race against the clock! Escape from death by a thousand scratches in Kingdom of Cats, or attempt to reverse the apocalypse in Huxley! If you wanted more alien awesomeness, be sure to immerse yourselves in a steampunk style universe in Huxley 2. If you fancy trying their VR options, there’s a variety of different rooms available. Fan of fantasy pirate adventures? Be sure to test your wits on the Corsair’s Curse! Defeat the Ghost King and channel your inner ghostbuster with Ghost Patrol, or shoot to thrill in zombie-infested USA in Arizona Sunshine. Whichever room you choose, you’re bound to be in for a great time! Here’s a link to their website to find out more.

Where: 1st floor, 75 Greenfield Road, London, E1 1EJ
Cost: £20-£40 pp 
Age: Recommended 12+ with restrictions

Breakin’ Escape Room, Islington


Put your puzzling skills to the test as you battle to escape the Breakin’ Escape Room this summer! Grab your mates and get yourselves down there to fight off evil at the Wizarding School, or defeat the cunning games-master Doctor Drakker in Blackwing’s Cave. Perhaps you can defeat the Napoleon of Crime in Sherlock’s Despair, or live out your pirate fantasies in The Flying Dutchman? Extra-terrestrials your thing? Make sure to check out War on Horizon Alpha, or escape being a cannibal’s snack in the Butcher’s Lair. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to pull off a daring heist in New York City? Put your skills to the test in Heist Plan. Interested? Of course you are. Be sure to check out their website to find out more.

Where: 89 Holloway Road, London, UK, N7 8LT 
Cost: Prices start from £29 pp
Age: Under 16 with restrictions

Enigma Quests, Liverpool Street


A lone submarine carrying weapons of mass destruction lies at the bottom of the ocean. The world needs a team of heroes who can defuse the bomb in time. The biggest heist in modern history is underway, and heroes are needed who can rise to the challenge and escape with the loot in time. Wizard school awaits, and only the bravest and smartest can pass the tricky tests in order to graduate in a blaze of glory. Reckon you’re up to the challenge? Make sure to get yourselves down to Enigma Quests this summer, where you can try your hand at a number of fiendish scenarios and attempt to escape the rooms within the hour limit! If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), make sure to check out their website to find out more.· 

Where: 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS
Cost: 3 players £90, 4 players £120, 5 players £150
Age: Recommended for 9+ with restrictions

Modern Fables, Bermondsey


The mysterious Guild ended abruptly years ago when its HQ in Bermondsey burnt down. Funny, as the surrounding buildings were untouched, and reports claim the flames burnt white hot. Discover the secrets of The Guild, and experience spooky happenings, as you navigate the fiendish twists and turns to solve the final conclusion as to what really happened all those years ago. Feeling peckish? Modern Fables is one of the only escape rooms in London to offer food and drinks whilst you’re in the midst of solving, so don’t forget to grab a bite to eat and something to wash it down with as you mull over the mind-bending puzzles. Want to find out more? Here’s a link to their website.

Where: Gaff Café, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Drummond Road, London, SE16 4DG
Cost: £26.50 pp
Age: All ages, with restrictions

Archimedes Inspiration, Bermondsey

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Immerse yourselves into a world of adventure this summer as you battle it out to escape from Archimedes Inspiration! Complete with rooms varying from psychological thrillers to space age adventures, grab your mates and see if you can band together and escape the room in time! Discover what secrets lie at the heart of the Sally Star King Hospital, where eerie screams can still be heard echoing through the halls at night. Does your team have the nerves to get to the heart of the mystery? Be sure to enter MAD at your own risk. Or perhaps you’d rather be recruited to a team of heroic astronauts, battling to revolutionise the entire human race before it’s too late? Interested? Be sure to try Project Delta. Expect to have a good time regardless of what room you choose! Check out their website to find out more.

Where: Unit 002, Kala Studios, the Biscuit Factory, 100 Drummond Road, London, SE16 4DG
Cost: Prices vary by game & number of players e.g. MAD – £26pp for 5 players / Project Delta £35 pp for 5 players
Age: 16+

Prices etc were correct at time of publishing. Best to check with the venue website for up-to-date information and offers.

Header image: Crystal Maze Live London