TEJO Social: the explosive new pop up, set to blow up in London

Having recently discovered the awesome, competitive fun that is axe throwing, I can’t believe that now Tejo Social have maxed out the fun by giving us a throwing game where the targets explode! London, you are very lucky. 

However, Tejo (pronounced Tey-Ho) isn’t a new concept, it’s Colombia’s 450-year-old national sport and bar game. Tejo prides itself on offering three things: beer, exploding targets and a super fun environment.  

Tejo has Arrived in the UK

The essence of the sport is that players throw a metal puck (Tejo) at a target loaded with exploding Mechas (pronounced Meh-kuh).  When the Tejo strikes the Mechas they burst open, emphasised by a bang and flames

Your £15 ticket gets you a 50-minute game. Each throwing lane can host up to six players and comes with its own Tejo expert, to make sure you get lots of shots on target and can bask in your fire clad glory. 

Where to Play Tejo

Located at The Queens Walk, Southbank, right in the heart of the city. TEJO Social sits right alongside the famous OXO Tower, nestled along the rout between the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe. 

As drinking is very much at the heart of the tradition of playing Tejo the Tejo Social team will not be rushing you out the door. There’s a bar, open all night, so once your game is up you can kick back and enjoy watching the joy unfold – just make sure you book your table in advance.

When you’re ready for some food you’ll find you’re surrounded by a huge range of restaurants and street-food vendors along The Queen’s Walk. 

Learn More About Tejo

As well as being a matter of national pride, Tejo attracted attention when it featured on Anthony Bourdain’s CNN Original Series, Parts Unknown.  This Emmy-winning series has now been adapted to create a mobile-first immersive travel guide, Exploring Parts Unknown.  The guide features a beautiful write up about the rich history of Tejo and the importance of drinking whilst playing. 

Game of Throws

Tejo Social has been developed by the team behind Whilst Punks Urban Axe Throwing, who know a thing or two about making sure you have a great night out. 

Jools Whitehorn (Co-Founder, Whistle Punks) says “The professionals in Colombia throw the Tejo from up to 19 meters away, but don’t worry, we’ve made it a little easier so everyone gets the chance to hit the target!” Adding…“Tejo is the perfect social get together. It brings delicious street food, lots of beer and the satisfaction of getting cheered on by mates when you explode a Mecha.” 

Get Booked In

Tejo Social is a pop-up venue and is only open from today 27th May, through to 23rd December, so you need to get yourself booked in before all the slots have gone. Book at: www.tejo.social  

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