Shuffle Shack Is Dancing Into Sheffield For Nights Of Shuffleboard Fun

Here at Social Playlist we love shuffleboard (if you hadn’t already noticed). So, it’s got us all excited to discover that a new venue is opening this August serving up the fabulous game of Deck Shuffleboard. 

Down in the basement of the brilliant Picture House Social (PHS) you’ll soon find Shuffle Shack. Offering four lanes of deck shuffleboard in a groovy venue with a distinct disco vibe. 

What is Deck Shuffleboard? 

Well, it looks a bit like curling but without the ice.  Two teams compete to use their cue to send their discs into the scoring zone, whilst also attempting to knock the opponent’s disc off the playing area or, even worse, into the ’10 off’ area – meaning 10 points are deducted from their score – mmwwahahaaa. 

Although at first glance you might think this looks too serious for a fun night out … don’t be fooled. The only thing serious about Shuffle Shack is the seriously competitive fun. You’ll quickly discover that once you have that cue in one hand and a cocktail in the other that deck shuffleboard makes for a hilarious night out. 

What’s the vibe at Shuffle Shack? 

Disco! The groovy sounds will set the beat for your night and it won’t be long before you’re whacking out your best Night Fever / John Travolta moves. 

Their pizza specialities served from Mama Jama’s Kitchen are the ideal accompaniment to your night. Whether you opt for pure Pepperoni or indulge with Bolognese, parmesan & gremolata sauce or salivate over Roast portabello mushroom, garlic and blue cheese cream, you’re sure to find the slice right for you. 

Their bar will keep you supplied with guest beers, perfect mixers, cocktails and wine so you’ll have something to blame if you keep sliding your disc off the board. The creativity of the PHS crew comes out throughout the venue but particularly in their cocktail menu. Every month new, colourful and delicious delights are added to the menu, making it a very plausible excuse for needing to visit here regularly. 

What else is there to do at Picture House Social? 

Picture House Social doesn’t have social in its name for nothing. Not only do they have their brand-new Shuffle Shack room but they also have a games room. Once all the Covid restrictions have been lifted Guests will have access to their three tournament standard ping pong tables as well as a range of vintage arcade games

They even have their own cosy mini-cinema, seating just 30 guests, which (when allowed) regularly screens films and popular series. You can even rent it out for parties.  

There is also a genuine warmth and friendliness about Picture House Social. They regularly do great giveaways, bespoke season cocktails, family food bundles, quizzes, bingo and other great social events. This is a properly fun, laid back venue with a great team who want to make you happy. So, why not give it a go? 

Keep an eye out on their Facebook for announcements of when bookings open for Shuffle Shack. 

Where: 383 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FS 

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