Roxy Ball Room Smash Their Refurb at Merrion Street, Leeds

Close your eyes and imagine it … a proper night out. What do you see?  What do you hear? The sound of your mates amazing laugh, the taste of a fruity cocktail, the smell of a massive burger, the look of triumph as your girlfriend gets a strike … you must be at Roxy Ball Room on the 17th May!

And Roxy Ball Room, Merrion Street is coming back bigger and better. Lockdown has provided time and opportunity to expand not only the space but also their range of games.

Merrion Street was already very popular for its excellent food, signature beer and extensive cocktail menu. Offering ample opportunities to get your game on with Beer pong, shuffleboard, ping pong and pool.

The newly refurbished, three floor, venue is adding in great news games:

Bank Shot Shuffleboard – this brilliant twist on the traditional game is much more compact, making it perfect for a busy venue like Roxy Ball Room. On a u shaped board, players have to skilfully bounce their puck off the back board, hoping it gentle eases into one of the scoring zones.

Duckpin Bowling – an easier and more modern version of bowling, Duckpin uses smaller balls, without finger holes, to knock down the tubbier pins. The lane is also shorter so you’re even closer to the action!

Plus, they’ve added in Crazy Pool, three high-tech Karaoke rooms, arcade machines AND a new basement bar. You’ll be pleased to know that they’ve kept the ever-popular basketball game too!

Roxy brand development manager Joel Mitchell said: “We are all extremely excited about taking our Merrion Street venue to another level.

“The people of Leeds are long overdue for a big night out on the town. Roxy Ball Room is coming back in a big way to help create memories that can make up for all those special occasions that we’ve all missed out on.”

If you can’t wait until 17th May then Roxy Ball Room have already opened their bar / outdoor seating area as part of the Merrion Street party (200 seats and live DJs), so you can start getting into the mood early.

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