Puttshack Nashville, USA – It’s the best by par

Nashville Tennessee, home of country music, Opray Winfrey, hot Chicken and, of course, whiskey and by 2023 Puttshack, as Puttshack announce they’ve signed a lease for the venue in Nashville. 

Puttshack aims to partner nights out, with quality food, cocktails, lots of neon lighting, tech-based scoring using their Trackaball technology and crazy golf.  

Their current venues are London/Essex based (Bank, White City & Lakeside) set for the grand reopening on 17th May. However, Puttshack will be opening it’s first US location at The Interlock in Atlanta’s Westside Provisions District. It is hoped that the venue will open in Spring 2021.  They’ve just started their recruitment drive so it looks like plans are progressing well. Puttshack aren’t stopping there, they also have venues in Oak Brook Chicago and Miami, set to open later this year. 

The new Nashville venue will take over the Old Gibson Guitar factory on Church Street, a short walk from a new development of luxury apartments and 42,000 square feet of retail space. The site will feature all the usual Puttshack wow factor, boasting great food, extensive rum list and cocktail bar. This 28,000 square feet space will house four courses of Puttshack custom themed holes, so you could find yourself trying your hand at Beer Pong at one hole and at the next attempting to herd ducks – yep, it’s as hilarious as it sounds. 

Their patented Trackaball technology links a ball to a person’s profile, making the paper score sheet and tiny pencil redundant. This fancy bit of kit means that Trackaball knows which ball belongs to which player, so there can’t be any cheating or arguing over who added up the scores wrong!  The Trackable Performance History even tells you how well you’re doing compared with your previous Puttshack visits.  

For those Nashville residents who can’t wait two years for Puttshack to open, they’ll have to drive the 250 miles down to Atlanta once their site opens … hopefully soon! 

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