Puttshack Swings Open Doors Of First US Venue

Today’s the day! Puttshack Atlanta is open! A huge congratulations to the Puttshack team on this, their first venue to open in America.

Located in the popular Interlock area of central Atlanta, Puttshack is offering their usual tech-infused style of mini-golf alongside world class food and a thirst-quenching drinks menu.

The glamorous styling of the venue, with its mix of casual sofas, intimate tables and dazzling bar area make the perfect setting for a classy night out with friends. You can get a sneaky peek of the venue as they’ve made a funky video!

Puttshack use patented Trackaball technology which links a ball to a person’s profile, making the paper score sheet and tiny pencil redundant. This fancy bit of kit means that Trackaball knows which ball belongs to which player, so there can’t be any cheating or arguing over who added up the scores wrong!  The Trackable Performance History even tells you how well you’re doing compared with your previous Puttshack visits. 

Puttshack is just one of the competitive socialising concepts developed by industry heavy-weight Adam Breeden, founder of State of Play Hospitality and Steve and Dave Jolliffe from Topgolf.  State of Play are also responsible for Bounce, Ace Bounce, Flight Club and Hijingo (coming soon!).

Not content with just one site state-side, Puttshack also has venues in Chicago, Miami and Nashville set to open up in the next few years – we can’t wait!

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