Pop Golf: Making Mini Golf Trendy At Go-To Destination Boxpark Wembley

Pop Golf does exactly what its name suggests, offers you a great mini golf experience accompanied by the best pop music. But we’re not talking cheesy 90s pop but fresh, upcoming, brand new artists.

Social Playlist were granted the exclusive first-look at Pop Golf, ahead of its grand opening on Monday 17th May. And initial impressions were very pleasing.

Given how small the site is you’ll be astonished at the clever layout of Pop Golf. The nine holes fan out in segments around two walls. Each hole a feast for the eyes with the warming glow of colourful neon lighting and brightly painted zones. The holes are influenced by artists and musical genres including the likes of Kylie and Drake. The fun of putting is enhanced by moving parts which transport your ball through tubes and pipes, lights which pulse when you make your shot and you can even stand inside huge ear phones bringing you closer to the music.

Music is central to the feel and pleasure derived from spending time at Pop Golf. The soundtrack is carefully curated by the team at Pop Golf in partnership with Tin Drum Music with sound provided by Open Ear Music. There is a strong emphasis on supporting new artists and bringing you the very best in current pop music. The opening month will showcase Bellsaint, whose music is just one part of her art, which reflects her passion for colour and the 60s. Featured Artists at Pop Golf are supported through a strong representation of their hits on the Pop Golf playlist but also through interviews streamed via the Pop Golf website and advertising on the large, vibrant screens within the venue.

To further demonstrate their commitment to a high-quality music experience Pop Golf offers guests access to the Sound Lounge, on the mezzanine floor. Along with a second bar, the Sound Lounge, provides comfortable, soft seating allowing you to fully relax with your cocktail and snacks. For those with a penchant for sound mixing they’ve also provided an experimental and bespoke touch-controlled mixing and sound effect system that pans and pulses between four speakers. This fine piece of kit, developed by Middlesex Sound and Lighting, allows guests to fully engage with the music through modification of the levels and the addition of non-invasive sound effects. Cleverly this system only impacts the sound on the mezzanine floor, so isn’t distracting to the players below.

Once fully open Pop Golf has capacity for 60 guests, so will also make a brilliant venue for a party with a difference.

Pop Golf continue their ‘pop’ theme through their selection of drinks and snacks. The offering includes ‘Cocktails by Lollipop’ a selection of locally handmade, cocktails which include ‘The Paloma’ (Tequila, Ting/Sofa and Grapefruit) and the ‘CRT’ (Gin, Elderflower, Cucumber and Mint, served over ice with Jalapeno and cucumber). A range of small packet snacks are available, including the inevitable Pop Chips. It’s worth noting that entry to play at Pop Golf includes a free drink!

Pop Golf was founded and created by creative entrepreneur Allan Saud. His extensive experience in mini golf and passion for social play has fuelled his development of Pop Golf. The finished venue is the product of Saud’s collaboration with creatives Smith and Devil and architectural design specialists Zachary Pulman Design Studio.  Together they have created a unique and beautiful venue, making impressive use of a very small space.

Bookings are opening any day now. If you’re looking for something new to try, a hot date, blowing off steam during your lunch break, or filling time before a gig or game at Wembley, then Pop Golf is definitely worth a visit.

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