Playhouse Revolutionise Your Night Out in Northampton

On high streets across the country you’ll find a Revolution bar or a Revolución de Cuba, owned by Revolution Bars Group.  Now, they have expanded their brand to include a competitive socialising venue, Playhouse.

Opening on Friday 19th November, in Northampton, Playhouse combines fierce gaming with magnificent pizza and cheeky cocktails.

What can I play at Playhouse?

The game offering at Playhouse is going to be building over the next few months. But when they’re fully up and running you can enjoy …

  • Indoor Raceway – unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton, jump into a car and experience the thrill of hurtling round and indoor racing track. 10 drivers compete at a time – will be on the top of the podium?
  • Gopher Golf Racing – this is insanely addictive and highly competitive. Groups of up to six use their putting skills to earn points which move your gopher to the finish line.
  • Critter Race – as your furry friend stands ready to race forward you throw balls up a ramp and (hopefully) into the scoring holes. The more points you score the quicker your critter progresses.
  • Arcade – air hockey, dance battle, basketball, Time Crisis, Bubble Hockey and Manx TT (Sega Superbike racing game).

What can I eat at Playhouse?

How about a metre-long pizza? Just groove on over to the Slice Shop and inhale the glorious smell of freshly made pizza. Whether you’re up for their mega metre or just fancy a slice you’re in for a treat. From The Pitsford Bee Sting (N’duja, caramelised pineapple, Pitsford hot honey), or Aubergenius (roasted aubergine, garlic and parmesan style cheese) to Sausallito (fennel sausage, red onion, peppers and chilli flakes).

If you’re looking for an extraordinary lunch then you should check out their Bottomless Brunch with unlimited pizza.

Do they have cocktails?

Unsurprisingly (given this is a Revolution Bars venture) there’s also an epic bar and gorgeous places to drink them. You can cosy up around the firepit in Sparky’s Yard, sink into a waltzer-style chair in the main bar, tap along to the tunes in Lucky Pucks or just grab a quick refill from the Autobar within the Game Garage.

When it comes to drinks there is a wealth of options to suit your tastes. If you’re after cocktails then you’re in for a treat. As well as mocktails and shooters there’s a good range of classic and bespoke cocktails. You could even celebrate your glorious victory with one of their sharing cocktails. Choose from Hook-a-Ducky, Mad Hatter’s Teapot or Extra Large Lagerita!

So fun-time fans, what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked in at Playhouse for a night of Thrill. Chill. Fill (their tagline, not my fancy wordsmithing).

Where: 34-38 Bridge Street, Northampton, NN1 1PA

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