Players Social: A Classy Bar with An Enormous Sense of Fun

Players Social is a gorgeous place to escape to this Autumn.

Located in the fashionable Spitalfields Market, Players Social has been designed as a beautiful, earthy oasis where modern design meets woodland glade.

Whether you choose to sit in the bright and airy indoor space or opt for the covered and heated outdoor area, where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market, you’ll find the vibe of Players Social instantly calming…

That is until you get around the shuffleboard table. At which point the cares of the day will be replaced by a steely eyed determination. Throughout Players Social you’ll discover four stunning 18ft Grand Champion shuffleboard tables and a Bankshot table (a shorter version of shuffleboard where the puck bounces off the back board and, hopefully, lands in the scoring zone). Now, shuffleboard might look simple and elegant but it’s actually delightfully wicked. What starts off as fun with friends will quickly deteriorate as you experience a powerful desire to strike your opponent’s puck off the table and into the gutter.

If you like your activities to be a bit more energetic then you’ll want to book your spot on one of their two ping pong table. Great joy can be experienced when you find you can land that forearm shot across the table and send your friend reaching for nothing but air. So, this is a perfect way to work out some office tensions or show your mates who’s boss.

When you’re finally ready to indulge in some child-like freedom then you’ll enjoy a nostalgic match on a Bonzini foosball table. There are two of these awesome, bespoke tables dotted around Players Social inviting you to get face to face with your nemesis (actually probably your friend) to put to bed some of those derby rivalries.

Whether you’re wanting to get your game on or not, you’ll definitely want to treat yourself to some high-quality food from the Players Social menu. Alongside their speciality pizzas you could opt for one of their tasty mains with their sustainable farming methods. Amongst the choices you’ll find Organic Beef Burger, Day Boat Fish & Chips and Roasted Squash Salad.

A great place to meet for drinks with friends

Finally, we arrive at the bar. The sun around which all other aspects of Players Social gravitate. The bar at Players Social offers you all the usual suspects but there’s also a number of extra special treats available. Beers from Camden & Beavertown, a fabulous selection of cocktails & long drinks accompanied by serious sides including padron peppers, voodoo prawns and fragrant rosemary fries on the bar snacks.

From October Players Social are opening from 10am so you can now book for Brunch with Bonzini football or Poached Eggs and Ping Pong! The quality of this venue runs all the way through to their coffee. They serve coffee from award-winning, London roasters, Perky Blenders.

So, there you have it. A quick insight into the pleasures that await you at Players Social. This is a hugely popular destination, obviously, so we recommend you book. You can do this from their website.

We hope you have a brilliant time and make sure you share your fun on your socials.

Where: 1 Crispin Place, Spitalfields, London, E1 6DW
Cost: Table Tennis & Shuffleboard £3 per person for 30 minutes or £5 per person for 1 hour. Foosball £5 per table for 30 minutes.
Age: No age limitations – family and dog friendly

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