The Perfect Crime Immersive Theatre Sleuths Into London

Are you that person who thinks you can predict who from the first five minutes of a film or who criticises the ludicrous mistake of the alleged master criminal? Maybe you love escape rooms or just want to try something different. Either way you’re going to love The Perfect Crime. 

The Perfect Crime combines immersive theatre, live action, an intense story line, problem and puzzle solving and a race against the clock. It’s the perfect union of an escape room and live theatre where you are the embodiment of Thomas Crowne, Neil McCauley or Danny and Debbie Ocean.  

The mission is simple: In 1990, Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  Now 30 years later, with the FBI offering a reward of $1 million, and an estimated black-market value of $100 million, it is the most valuable stolen painting in the world. And we know where it is. Meet your contact at the Theatre Deli in the City of London to find out more… 

Break into the safehouse of a legendary thief. Overcome their extensive security systems by unlocking high tech locks, cracking unbreakable safes, crawling through the laser matrix and disabling alarms to finally get your hands on the most valuable missing piece of art in the world! Will you claim the FBI reward? Or chance your arm on the Black Market? You have a window of 60 minutes. Synchronise watches now. 

Will your conscience be clear? Will you get caught? Are you really as good at being a criminal mastermind as you think you are? 

Situated at Theatre Deli, Finsbury Avenue, the first game will be afoot on Thursday 24th June.  Tickets are on sale now from The Perfect Crime’s website, so get your crack team together and see if you’ve got what it takes to commit the theft of the century! Games can be played in teams of two – six players, £30 per person with slots available every 30 minutes on Fridays to Sundays. 

Once the heist is over you can head to the Deli Bar for a well-deserved drink and full debrief.  

This brilliant experience has been produced by Rogue Productions, the team behind the sell-out experience Heist.  Rogue productions are creative revolutionaries who are passionate about giving you an adventure, hence they make award winning escape games, immersive theatre, treasure hunts, experiential events … and everything in between. 

Dean Rodgers, Director of Rogue Productions said, “This is our most exhilarating experience yet. And I think we could all do with some adrenaline now.   We have taken the best of immersive theatre and escape games to make this the cutting edge of both. We have designed every detail, so you feel the real thrill of committing the perfect crime. This is a high-octane experience that makes you the star of your own heist movie. Nothing could be more fun than getting away with it.” 

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