OTHERWORLD VR Bar Immerses Brum In Thrilling Gaming Experience

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair and the ground tremble beneath you. At OTHERWORLD the experience is truly immersive from the moment you enter the departure lounge and now, it has opened up in Birmingham.

Departure Lounge and Self-Service Bar

The futuristic lounge, looks like something from an interplanetary spaceship. Stunningly adorned with swirling patterns thanks to the projection-mapping technology. The whole lounge takes on a different vibe depending on the choice on lighting.  Sometimes a dazzling surgical white, at other times a scientific neon green. Maybe when you go it’ll be underworld blue or vibrant day-glow fuchsia. Whatever the colour, it’s breath-taking and extremely enticing.


The departure lounge houses OTHERWORLD’s amazing 16-tap self-serve bar. Choose from a range of hand-crafted cocktails from Black Lines, local IPAs including Grand Central and Elephant Riders or popular choice beers including Asahi, Peroni or Lucky Saint. There are also two bottomless soda guns to keep you hydrated.  The bar is open to the public, so you can come in and enjoy a drink even if you don’t fancy getting a headset on.

Full Throttle VR Gaming Experience

However … you’ll be missing out. OTHERWORLD do VR gaming with style! Each player occupies their own, private Immersion Pod, so you can flail around unabashed or scream to your heart’s content.  OTHERWORLD Birmingham have 18 pods available for your gaming delight. These insane pods, with their 360° 4D-FX technology gives you a gaming experience like never before – with wind, heat and ground movement which activate as dictated by your gaming. You might be alone in your pod but not for long …

The OTHERWORLD pods are a portal to a paradise island in the metaverse. Here you can meet up with, see and hear your gaming buddies. There are 16 incredible games, arts or educational experiences available tailored to your preferred level of difficulty. You can relax with a VR movie, explore the world with Google Earth VR or get into the thick of the action with the exceptional Half-Life: Alyx or work together to survive the Zombie apocalypse.

As you play you can earn DreamCoin which you can use to buy drinks from the self-serve bar in the departure lounge or purchase yourself more VR time.

Even the toilets are mind-blowingly extreme with a lid that opens by itself, water jets for a nether-region rinse and vigorous warm air to dry your butt when you’re done. They’ve literally covered all the bases.

London, Birmingham, the World

OTHERWORLD opened their first site in Hackney, London in 2019. Followed by London Victoria in August 2021.  This is such an epic experience that OTHERWORLD have hosted loads of celebrities including KSI, Skepta, Adele, Jonathan Ross and even Judge Rinder. Thankfully, OTHERWORLD aren’t stopping at just three sites. They also have their sights set on Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow as well as looking for franchise partners outside the UK.


Ready to journey beyond the stars? You better get yourself and your mates booked in.

Where: 20 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5QJ
Cost: Varies depending on date, time & length of session. £14 – £48
Age: 16+ although not suitable for children after 6pm

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