Oche Darts Restaurant Bring Global Success To Edinburgh

Oche is an interactive darts restaurant, where the quality of the eating experience is as important as the thrilling activity … leading them to create the term … Gastro Gaming!

Oche first launched in Oslo in 2019. They now have venues in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Gothenburg and opened in Miami in July 2021.

Oche, Edinburgh, will be the first Oche venue in the UK, although talks are in progress for a London venue too.

The debut site in Edinburgh is located at 80 George Street and houses 18 oches (dart playing areas).  Players will enjoy 90 minutes in their Oche, playing darts-based games which utilise Oche’s state-of-the-are camera and gaming technology.

Oche offer a number of games for your competitive pleasure. Killer – successfully target your opponents zone three times in order to earn your sword … which you can then use to take down your opponents. High Striker – all you have to do is beat the player before you … it’s a simple game of last player standing wins. 201 – is a traditional game of a race to the bottom. Get from 201 points to zero first and you’re the winner. Hoggern – you need to be accurate or the axe will split your score in half.

Excellence and quality are the markers of the food available at Oche. Taking inspiration from Asia and European cuisines Oche serve up delights such as fresh pizza, black tiger prawn curry, salmon bao buns and crispy yakitori. The menu for each venue is different so we’ll have to wait and see what Edinburgh will have to offer.

As their website says “Drinks are best when mixed with friends” – hear hear! Oche Edinburgh will house a signature bar to shake up drinks for diners and players. The drinks menu will offer a full range of options including cocktails. As well as offering Classic Cocktails (Espresso Martini / Mai Tai / Whiskey Sour etc) Oche have also developed their own range of cocktails including: Raspberry Sour (Tanqueray Gin, Raspberry, Aquafaba and Lemon) and Ginger Mojito (Havana Club Anejo, mint, lime, ginger syrup and ginger beer).

The bar area at Oche in Brisbane

It is anticipated that Oche Edinburgh will create up to 50 jobs should the planning application be permitted to proceed. The endeavour is being backed by investment fund Karbon Invest, with around £3m for the launch of the Edinburgh site.

Oche is being led by CEO, Troy Warfield, former President of Topgolf International, supported by Chief Commercial Officer, Simon Burdess, former Retail Director for Waitrose and Partners and Vice President Food and Beverages for InterContinental Hotels Group and Chief People Officer, Amanda Underwood, previously Director of Halcyon three Limited and HR Director at Pizza Express.

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