Kings Golf Studio Slide Gorgeous Shuffleboards Into East Grinstead

What happens when you combine a passion for golf with extraordinary technology? You get Kings Golf Studio.

This wonderful venue is the UK’s largest indoor golf studio with nine simulator bays which utilise Trackman technology, giving you an authentic experience.  There are also interactive games to play (Bullseye, Capture the Flag etc) so you and your friends can enjoy a bit of healthy competition.

For the pros there’s also an Elite Performance room with Gears 3D technology and Swing Catalyst motion plate, ideal for coaching sessions to perfect your game.  Kings Golf Studio also offer a custom fit service to ensure your club-setup is perfect for you and your swing.

Kings Golf Studio is all about giving you a high-quality experience. Whether that be the best mats and tees or their experienced on-site coaching team.

They don’t even have a standard putting green! Across 26ft of putting green you’ll find 5 holes offering a variety of putts. This is supported with PuttView technology which will feed back the harsh reality of your skills. But, if you just want some fun then you could use the tech to play ‘Putt Pong’.

However, this isn’t just a place for golfing – it’s a great place to hang out.  The venue has its own bar with an unexpectedly large drinks offering. There are 17 screens throughout the venue so you can follow all the action on BT Sports and Sky Sports. They even have an array of table top games to keep your little ones (and you) entertained.

This week they have also welcomed two, gorgeous new shuffleboards. It looks so easy but it’ll get you hot under the collar before long and your desire to win will overflow when you glide your puck into the scoring zone. It’s ridiculously addictive and huge amounts of fun.

If you are looking to do something really special then you could hire out The Lounge. It’s gorgeous! 3m wide projector screen, huge sofas, dart board and table service. The screen can show Freeview, Sky Sports or BT Sports, making this a really unique place for up to 12 people to watch the game in style.

The VIP Room

The VIP Room offers a bespoke and private golfing experience.  Suitable for up to 12 guests the VIP Room houses a TrackMan powered bay, 85” TV screen showing live sports, 7 ft pool table, fooseball table, sofas and you can summon your personal waiter at the touch of a button.  You can use the wall mounted touch panel to adjust the displays and perfect the lighting conditions … so it’s just how you like it.

So, this venue is uniquely outstanding. The expertise and quality of the staff and venue make it suitable and useful for professional golfers. However, it is also a brilliant place for casual golfers, friends looking for a fun night out, parties, time with the family, an alternative venue for a work away day or something a little special when you hire The Lounge.

Location: First Floor, The Atrium, Kings Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3DJ
Price: starting from £30 for main floor simulator bay for 1 hour

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