Kings Golf Studio Install Impressive Augmented Reality Darts

Kings Golf Studio in East Grinstead is the UK’s largest golf studio – but more than that … they’re passionate about professional golf, exciting the next generation of golfers but also creating an exceptional venue for a night out. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that they’ve installed two lanes of impressive Augmented Reality Darts.

With 9 state-of-the-art simulator bays, Trackman technology, Gears 3D, Swing Catalyst 3D, Puttview and CaptoGolf Kings Golf Studio is an excellent venue for pro-golfers and seasoned enthusiasts looking to improve their game.  As well as bays within the main studio guests can book the incredible Elite Performance Room which is dedicated to advanced practice. Kings Golf offer a custom fitting service for optimal club setup plus high-spec coaching.

However, this unusual venue also effortlessly crosses over into a fun, competitive socialising venue. If you’re interested in golf then you might want to start off with a ‘Putt Pong’ battle. But if golf isn’t your thing then there is plenty of other options for you at Kings Golf Studio:

Augmented Reality Darts

This is darts like you’ve never experienced before. Teams compete in game-based challenges with the incredible tech tracking your darts so you don’t even have to calculate your scores. (£25 per hour)


Two gorgeous shuffleboards were installed this summer. Be warned, shuffleboard is very addictive and highly competitive, so it won’t be long before those friendships are tested by some enjoyable rivalry. (£20 per hour)


Their neon lit karaoke room opened in October boasting 8000 songs for you and your friends to choose from. They also have really fancy neon glowing stools! (£40 per hour for up to 10 people)

VIP Room

Suitable for up to 12 guests the VIP Room houses a TrackMan powered bay, 85” TV screen showing live sports, 7 ft pool table, fooseball table, sofas and you can summon your personal waiter at the touch of a button.  You can use the wall mounted touch panel to adjust the displays and perfect the lighting conditions … so it’s just how you like it.

Cinema / meeting room

Suitable for up to 12 people the cinema room can be used for private viewings of live sports events. With a huge screen and some very comfy sofas this is a fabulous spot to watch your golfing hero in action.

The Bar

With seven screens showing live sport, American Pool tables and an array of table top games available this 50 seater bar area is a great place to meet up with your mates. The bar is fully stocked with premium draft lagers, craft ales, international fine wines, spirits and cocktails.


Fortnightly on a Thursday they host a quiz night
Bottomless Brunch at the end of every month – prosecco, beer, cocktails, pizza and 50% off games

Where: First Floor, The Atrium, King Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3DJ

Note: Header image is of Augmented Reality Darts at Boom Battle Bar in Liverpool.

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