In A Box 3 Immersive VR Experience Opening In Digbeth

In A Box, In A Box, In A Box, is a unique immersive, 4D virtual reality experience … in other words freaky, eerie amounts of adrenaline fuelled fun.

Opening in Digbeth, Birmingham this Thursday (5th August), In A Box, In A Box, In A Box beautifully combines gaming, theatre, film and VR technology into a story-led, multi-sensory adventure.

The In A Box 3 team use the word ‘experience’ purposefully. As you navigate your way through the story, immersed in a 4D world, you’ll also feel the story, touch it, smell it and, hopefully, be moved by it. Through the use of special scent technology, which stimulates emotional and behavioural responses, you’ll experience the 4D environment in a completely new way.

The story, Chernobyl – Hidden Depths, has been designed to make your heart thump, your sweat run and to confuse your mind; will you know what it real and what isn’t? Written by Hollywood screenwriter, Jeremy Drysdale (In The Line of Duty, The Game and Battlefield 2), so you know it’s going to be an excellently crafted story.

Set before the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, your 45-50 minute mission will have you work as part of team to travel beneath the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, where the Russian government are running a secret lab. Using the radiation from the plant above, the Russian scientists are experimenting on soldiers. You’ll need to bring your A game if you’re going to succeed in completing all the challenges and puzzles on your mission. But make sure you keep an eye out for mutated soldiers and armed guards – capture could be fatal. Oh, and make sure you get out before the reactor explodes!

This thrilling, Covid secure, experience can be played in teams of up to four players. So, get your unit together and get booked in to, In A Box, In A Box, In A Box.

When you’re ready for your mission debrief you can head to the onsite bar for a much-needed drink. Serving a range of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and soft drinks, the bar is the perfect place to catch your breath after your In A Box 3 adventure.

The Atmos VR team, behind In A Box, In A Box, In A Box hope that the Birmingham venue will be the first of eight sites they hope to open over the next five years.

Atmos VR Founder, Kevin Blair, said, “In A Box, In A Box, In A Box offers a brand new, multi-sensory experience that combines mind blowing technology with a physical sensation overload.

The long-term plan is to offer fans of popular culture experiential VR games, that push the boundaries in VR and immersive 4-D.“

The name, In A Box, In A Box, In A Box, was derived from the three boxes you’ll find yourself in.

  • 1 – the VR headset
  • 2 – the warehouse playing arena
  • 3 – the heart of Digbeth

Location: 91 Floodgate Street, Digbeth, B5 5SR
Cost: £34.95 for your 1 hour session
Age: 16+
Facebook: @InaboxInaboxInabox

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