Hatchet Harry’s Aims Axe Throw At Heart Of Nottingham

Axe throwing is becoming an increasingly popular activity to spice up your night out. Hatchet Harry’s have been sharing the joy of axe throwing with their customers since they opened their first site in Newcastle in May 2019. They have now secured their fifth site and are set to open in Nottingham this Friday (19th November)

Axe throwing is a popular Canadian pastime and sport. In recent years venues have opened up in the UK bringing this rugged, countryside activity into our cities. And we’re really glad they have.

Although there is advanced skill in the game, which has allowed the sport of urban axe throwing to develop into a competitive league. The basics of wielding an axe and hurtling it a target so that it embeds in the wood with a satisfying crack, are easily achieved, making it a perfect activity for a night out with your mates.

You can currently find a Harry Hatchet’s in Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool and Aberdeen. Harry Hatchet’s in Nottingham can cater for most group sizes, from 2 – 32 and their fabulous instructors will guide you through to make sure you’re safe, but more importantly, that you have a brilliantly fun time.

Each 90-minute session starts with a safety briefing and throw demonstration. Then it’s over to you to make your best shot. The instructors stay with you throughout to help you with your technique and get you battling it out in challenges and games … you can even win prizes! If you show promise, they might even teach you some trick shots. There are four cages, each cage contains two targets, servicing up to eight people.

What makes Harry Hatchet’s special? Their ethos. The mission of the team at Harry Hatchet’s is to make people feel special and to unleash joy for them. They measure success by the reactions of their customers and their socials are awash with high praise. This is the reason why people choose to celebrate their special occasions at a Harry Hatchet’s, whether that be a birthday, anniversary, hen party or work do.

Harry Hatchet’s has a small selection of soft drinks and snacks available … and due to the nature of the activity, alcohol is not permitted. However, if you go on their Club Night, you can bring your own food or order in a take-out.

The new Nottingham Venue is part of the regeneration project being pioneered by ALB Group. Arran Bailey, Managing Director of ALB, added: “We have big plans to breathe new life into the area, and we’re convinced that exciting new concepts like Hatchet Harry’s will add some real sparkle and interest to this part of Nottingham.”

Where: 32 Lister Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7DD
Cost: Starting from £21 per person
Age: 8+
Website: www.nottingham.hatchetharrys.co.uk

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