Gravity Wandsworth Launches Sensational Free-Roaming VR Experience

Gravity Wandsworth, the Department Store of Fun, is launching their latest gaming experience – Hologate, and it will be arriving this summer. If you want an adreneline rush and to feel alive, then the high-octane gaming offered by Hologate is for you.

Hologate is a fully immersive, VR experience where up to four players free-roam in a designated arena, taking on fearsome enemies, face epic battles and endure treacherous terrains. The gaming areas are open spaces so other guests can watch the action before taking the plunge for themselves. Plus, although you’ll be working in a team of four, the incredible tech allows you to battle against teams from around the world.

Arena experience – prepare for battle!

At Gravity Wandsworth there will be two Hologate experiences available. With Arena players are transported into incredible virtual reality worlds where they can take on zombies, dragons or robots. Players can even take part in thrilling virtual dance battles – so you can show off your swag, your krumping or your breaking in all its glory. There are over 15 different games to play in the Arena experience giving you plenty of challenges to tackle; escape The Prison, be a cyborg on a mission to steal data from a powerful corporation, have a snowball fight with a yeti on a frozen lake, prevent nuclear war, or join the SLUGTERRA universe, with its anime style graphics, to shoot up the slugs across the multi-platform world where players also use fart clouds and slime to defeat their enemies.

Hologate Blitz experience. Image:

In a first for the UK, the Blitz experience focusses on the game Hyper GP, the multiplayer racing game where you pilot futuristic vehicles. Rather than roaming around a room with a headset, players sit on awesome looking motion simulators. The machine turns and twists as you move your virtual vehicle, with up to 1m vertical lift and 30 degree range of motion in every direction. You can also easily switch between single axis motion for racing to dual axis motion for flying! It’s insanely good! Set in the year 2066, humanity has created super speedy hover vehicles which are used on race circuits across deserts, through ice caves and around interplanetary debris.

Founder Michael Harrison says, “We’re really proud to be the first to bring Hologate to a London audience. Gravity is, again, at the forefront of competitive socialising fun. From e-karting and Hologate to having your lunch served by a robot, there’s not a location in the UK where you can access all these activities under one roof.”

Go karting track at Gravity
E-karting at Gravity Wandsworth

Hologate is yet another incredible gaming experience, adding to what is already a wonderland of gaming fun. Currently Gravity Wandsworth also houses:

  • an e-karting circuit with 8m downhills and high-speed banking corners
  • urban street golf taking in the sights of New York city
  • augmented reality bowling with added gaming and reactive lanes
  • AR darts offering multi-playing, game centred darts based fun
  • Electric Gamebox – private digital rooms with projection mapping and motion tracking for immersive, gaming adventures
  • E-Sports gaming arena with rookie matches and high-stakes tournaments
  • the Funbox Arcade which is packed with nostalgic arcade games and home consoles

Refuelling Stations

Let’s face it, after the intense experience of Hologate you’re going to need to sit down and fuel up. Thankfully Gravity Wandsworth have a great range of options for you. Gravity Social serves up American diner classics – burgers, hotdogs, wings and a heap of side orders. There’s also a great selection of beer and wine available.

If the Japanese vibe from the e-karting gets you in the mood for some authentic street food then just head on over to the Oishi Oishi Noodle Bar. Chef can whip you up a self crafted dish; choose your noodle, select your protein / veg, identify your sauce of choice, then sit back and wait for the goodness to arrive.

Newtons Cocktail Bar at Gravity Wandsworth
Newtons Cocktail Bar at Gravity Wandsworth

Should you be looking for somewhere more grown-up and sophisticated to hang out, then you should head up to Newtons Cocktail Bar. Not only does it look gorgeous but they also serve up spectacular cocktails. Newtons is also the home to live music at Gravity, so check out their socials to see who’s next on the line up.

Book In

If you are desperate to get into the Hologate then you’ll need to sign up for announcements and pre-sale tickets on the Gravity website – they will also be running some fabulous competitions as part of the launch of Hologate – so don’t miss out!

Where: Southside Wandsworth, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 4TF

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