Flight Club Social Darts Hits The Target in Las Vegas

Flight Club is one of the trendiest tickets in town. The electric atmosphere is created by their attention to details, their focus on customer pleasure and exuberant excellence, in every aspect of their offering. Now, they have announced that the Flight Club experience is coming to Las Vegas.

Flight Club offers the ultimate in nights out, with their speciality pizza paddles, extensive cocktail and bar menu, unique and beautiful surroundings and tech-driven social darts. Their bespoke dart tracking technology takes all the stress out of playing darts. The tech checks where your dart has landed, how much your throw is worth and your score and ranking are shown on the screen, all you have to do is make sure you’re having a really good time.

The dart boards are housed in gorgeously designed, semi-private playing areas. The high-quality finish and sumptuous aesthetic add to the expectation that a night out at Flight Club is a reason to get dressed up and strap on those Louis Vuittons. Each playing area (called an Oche, pronounced o-key) offers multi player games for groups of up to six people.  Games include Killer, which rewards your skilled play by giving you the opportunity to take points away from your opponents and potentially completely knock them out the game – making you the ultimate victor.

The new location will be in the Grand Canal Shoppes space inside The Venetian. If all goes to plan this exciting new venue will be ready for its grand opening by Spring 2022. This will be the third and largest Flight Club in the US, with existing sites in Chicago and Boston.

“We are super excited to announce that we will be opening a Flight Club in Vegas,” Toby Harris, CEO of State of Play Hospitality said. “Las Vegas is known for its innovative, boundary-pushing entertainment concepts and we see an opportunity to push the envelope even further ourselves. Our largest Flight Club to date, the venue will undoubtedly become a landmark.”

Flight Club US will be operated under license by social play innovators, State of Play Hospitality, the team behind Ace Bounce, Bounce, Puttshack and new concept Hijingo (epically dazzling bingo opening this year). You can keep up to date with the progress at Flight Club Las Vegas via their Facebook.

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Image: Official image, Flight Club Boston

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