Flight Club Unveil Plans To Bring Social Darts To Cheltenham

Flight Club create gorgeous bars, offer spectacular cocktails and have transformed the game of darts using state-of-the-art technology. In the Spring of 2022, the Brewery Quarter, in the city of Cheltenham, will become home to the nineth, Flight Club UK.

When you walk into a Flight Club you know you’ve entered Flight Club. Even though each venue is unique they have a strong design aesthetic with transcends across all their sites. The elegant wood oches, the antique fairground touches, including carousel horse, the rings of bulb lights and their particular love of mismatched art works.

Flight Club is in no way an old man’s club. Flight Club bars are sophisticated cocktail bars, with loud music, and an electric atmosphere, offering prosecco brunches, delectable pizzas, mouth-watering cocktails … it just so happens that they are also home to a dart throwing revolution.

Social Darts

Social darts, as Flight Club like to call it, has teams of friends battling against each other in a range of face paced darts-based games. Their dart tracking technology means there’s no need for you to concern yourself with the scoring, the tech does all that for you.  

The high-quality visuals on the screen guides you through each game and follows your progress, or demise. Games include Snakes and Ladders (where your throw determines the score on your dice, which then dictates the moves your counter makes. Will you get to go up the ladder to victory or slide down the snake, to failure?) and their brand-new game Donkey Derby where your throws move your donkey forward, get you bucked back or even send the other Donkeys back to the start (cue evil laughter). If you do particularly well, you’ll get to see an action replay.

Stunning Cocktails

As you’d expect from a high-end cocktail bar, they have got some of the most stunning looking cocktails you’ll ever see and you’ll discover that they are deliciously drinkable. To make sure that your victory is properly celebrated you can order a sharing trophy cocktail – a Champions’ Cup or a Triumphant Trophy. Alternatively, you can opt for signature shots, cocktail slushies or simply stick to the champagne.

Sensational Sharing Platters

The people at Flight Club are foodies; and it’s all about the sharing. There are single plate offerings available however the full experience is best enjoyed by picking loads of different mini plates to share. The range is exceptional from pizzas to Korean beef skewers, Buffalo popcorn chicken, grilled prawns, salt and pepper squid or my absolutely favourite … pigs in blankets – yes, please! However, if you don’t think you can choose then just order a vegetarian and/or a meat platter and let the chef create an array of tasty morsels for you to enjoy.

The people of Cheltenham, known for their competitive spirit (as witnessed at the Cheltenham Festival racedays), will undoubtedly find that Flight Club is the perfect place for a great night out, with a competitive edge.

Where: Units 11 & 12, Brewery Quarter, Cheltenham
When: Spring 2022
Further information: https://flightclubdarts.com/cheltenham/

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