Flight Club Announce Forthcoming Opening Of Social Darts Bar In Atlanta USA

It’s beginning to feel a bit like buses … you wait for ages and then three come along at once. And so it is with Flight Club USA! 

Flight Club Chicago, the first one stateside, opened in May 2018. Just over 18 months later, December 2019, Flight Club Boston swung open their fancy doors. Then there was silence. In their defence there was a global pandemic sweeping the planet, but … 

Then in May this year Flight Club USA got us all excited as they announced their plans to open a stellar Flight Club venue in Las Vegas. Earlier this month they thrilled us with the promise of a 2021 opening in Houston. Now they have titillated us by sharing the fabulous news that they have their sights set on Atlanta!  

Early in 2022, Flight Club USA plan to unveil their new Flight Club in Star Metals in Midtown Atlanta. As a pioneering development, offering stylish and luxury living – an outstanding place to live, work and play, Star Metals is the perfect place for Flight Club. 

It has been proven, time and again, that Flight Club are exceptional at putting on a show. Their decadent venues are classy and they pride themselves on offering high-end food and spectacular cocktails. Flight Club is the place you go when you want to treat yourself to a proper night out. 

Flight Club have transformed the old, dated version of darts into a face-paced, multiplayer, immersive experience. Part of the appeal of Flight Club is that it makes playing darts really easy, fuss free and lots of fun. This is achieved thanks to the efforts of their in-house astrophysicist! The patented dart tracking technology does all the hard work for you. As you battle through the multi-player games the tech works out where your dart landed, what your score is and all the ranking / scoring information is fed back to you, courtesy of large screens – leaving you free to enjoy the delights of spending time with your friends again. 

Flight Club was developed by founders Steve Moore and Paul Barham. These days Flight Club is operated by Red Engine. Flight Club USA, however, is operated under license by State of Play Hospitality. State of Play Hospitality also run Bounce, Ace Bounce, Hijingo and Puttshack. 

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Image: Flight Club Boston, courtesy of Flight Club USA

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