Add some intensity to your mates or dates night - try escape rooms!

Have you been looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your next night out in Glasgow? Why not set the stakes high with awesome escape rooms in Glasgow?

Glasgow offers many amazing opportunities for escape room fans, but even if you’ve never been before, you’re definitely in for a treat! So, brush off your detective skills and prepare for a wicked adventure.

Locked In Escape Room

  • Up to 8 players can take part
  • Five different escape rooms of varying difficulties
  • Fully immersive designs
  • Complex puzzles ensure you’ll have to bring your A-game
  • Located on Hope Street, just a few minutes from the Glasgow Central train station

Undoubtedly, few destinations can rival the Locked In Escape Room if you’re looking for an awesome escape room experience. There’s a reason it achieves almost perfect 5-star reviews from its past guests; after all – you’ll definitely be in for a wild adventure here! The Locked In Escape Room has won the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award for two years running, as well as the Golden Key Award in The Logic Escapes Me awards.

A range of different escape rooms are on offer with varying difficulties, depending on your preference. Its escape rooms for 2022 include the Glasgow School of Magic, Ghosthunters, The Surgery, Bitter Sweet, and Bloodline.

However, be prepared to book online first because its reputation definitely precedes it, and it tends to be pretty busy all week long, especially over the weekends. The Locked In Escape Room is open until 8:30 pm every day. It also opens a little earlier at the weekend, so there’s more chance of getting in!

Activity cost: From £16 pp for a large group, or £25 pp for a pair

Top Tip… Try to bring as many friends as possible for massive savings on your tickets!

Eeek! Escape Room

  • Three different escape rooms
  • Expertly designed rooms for a realistic experience
  • Exceptionally high ratings for their escape rooms
  • Themes include magic, 90s nostalgia, and historical
  • Located near the Anderston station

If it’s a spine-tingling escape room experience you’re after, the Eeek! Escape Room might just be ideal. This super escape room is located near Anderston. And, while the Eeek! Escape Room can be pretty busy at the weekends, it’s much quieter during the week if fighting the crowds to get in isn’t your thing. With stellar reviews from almost every single person who visits, it’s no surprise that the Eeek! Escape Room is so popular.

Perhaps the most popular escape room on offer is their Stuck in the 90s room – perfect for a hit of nostalgia if you ask us! However, if you want a really difficult escape room experience (one that you’re not guaranteed to complete at all), why not try the Magician’s Heist or The Ghost of Mary Queen of Scots rooms?
Last booking is from 8pm, so a Locked In escape room is a brilliant way to kick off a hen/stag party. They have secure discounts with local eateries so make sure you look at the ‘packages’ section on their website.

Activity cost: £16 pp for 8 players or £25 pp for a pair

Top Tip… Visit during the week if you can for a much quieter experience

Xcape Room

  • Four different escape rooms are available with varying themes
  • 60 to 75-minute escape room sessions
  • Varying difficulty levels – many escape rooms only have a 60% success rate or so!
  • Up to seven players, but more could be possible by discussion
  • Located on Hope Street, not far from Glasgow Central train station

The Xcape Room is an amazing destination; definitely one of the hottest escape rooms in the area. Located very close to the Glasgow Central train station, it’s easy to get to as well.

The Xcape Room provides numerous themed escape rooms, each lasting for around 60 minutes (or less, if you can beat the clock!) These include the Prison of Dark Wizards, Haunted Hospital, the Magic Forest, and Agent-X, each offering something just a little different. Be sure to check the timings on each escape room, as some last slightly longer than an hour depending on their complexity.

The Xcape Room is open until 9 pm every night, except on Saturdays when it’s open later until 11 pm.

Activity cost: £16 pp for seven players or £24 pp for a team of two

Top Tip… Teams of 8+ can be accommodated; get in touch with the venue

Riddle Rooms

  • Massive range of seven authentic escape rooms with different themes
  • Up to eighteen players per escape room
  • Rooms last for between 60 and 90 minutes each
  • Last-minute bookings may be available depending on the availability
  • Located on Bath Street, just minutes from the Glasgow Queen Street station

Riddle Rooms is one of Glasgow’s most versatile escape room destinations, providing a total of seven different themed escape rooms. The team is incredibly passionate about bringing the story of their escape rooms to life, which helps guarantee that you’ll enjoy an amazing experience – immersive experiences is what Riddle Rooms is all about.

Travel back in time with the Time Agent room to the 19th century, or experience the thrill of collecting evidence of crimes in the Spy Room and Burns Room. Other amazing escape rooms on offer for adults include Mystery, Amnesia, Time Agent, and Mansion. There’s absolutely something for everyone!

Activity cost: from £14 pp for large teams or £26 pp for smaller teams – depending on room

Top Tip… Book a larger team for cost savings of around 30-40% per person!

Escape Reality

  • Numerous promotions are available for guests
  • Help is available for those new to escape rooms
  • Open every day until 9 pm
  • Wide range of themes, including a murder mystery, extra-terrestrial, and lost in the jungle
  • Located on Merchant Square

Escape Reality considers itself the world’s best escape room – and, considering it’s won the 2022 Travellers’ Choice Award with TripAdvisor and is ranked in the first position, it’s certainly got a great reputation

Trapped inside another realm, by a mysterious board game you must play the game and complete the challenges to successfully escape in Jungala. In Conspiracy you go to your mates house. They’re really into aliens and the unknown. When you arrive you discover the extent of their fascination and the conspiracy they’ve been investigating. Now they’re missing and you’re at risk of knowing more than you should. Should you choose to endure Misery you’ll find yourself inadvertently kidnapped by a nurse who appeared to be helping you out. But you’re not her first victim. She’s popped out the house; will there be enough time for you to escape? In Murder in Whitechapel you’re a super detective hired to catch a serial killer who’s targetting women. Or, see if you can get a group of crims to work together, as you attempt and escape from notorious prison, Alcatraz.

Activity cost: £20 pp for teams of six to £25 pp for teams of two

Top Tip… They often run promotions, so check their website for discount codes

Escape Glasgow

  • Four different games on offer
  • Incredibly challenging escape rooms – around half of people don’t complete them!
  • Open until 10 pm every night except Sunday (7:30 pm)
  • 60 minutes to complete each escape room
  • Located one street away from the Glasgow Central train station

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what Escape Glasgow offers – but you’ll need to bring all of your wit and skill with you to complete these thrilling, immersive escape rooms successfully. Each room is suitable for between 2 and 6 players.

Delight in the unexpected with the Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room, or solve a murder mystery in 221B Baker Street. Coming Home invites you to help reassemble Gregg the Robot (a Fox in a Box game). Need a trim? Take a visit to the infamous Fleet Street barber run by Mr Todd AKA the Demon Barber.

Activity cost: £16 pp for 6 person teams or £22 pp for pairs

Top Tip… Last-minute bookings are available by contacting the team directly!

Clue HQ

  • Two escape rooms: Bunker 38 or Cell Block C
  • Teams of up to six
  • Authentic, immersive escape room designs
  • Set prices per room make the experience cheap for larger groups
  • Located at Laser Quest/li>

Clue HQ in Glasgow is one of the most highly-praised local live escape rooms, each lasting for 60 minutes. Their two amazing games – Bunker 38 and Cell Block C – are clearly the result of love and passion, and you’ll be whisked away to another world while trying to complete these exceptionally challenging puzzles.

Having lived in Bunker 38 (1/5 difficulty) for many years the outside atmosphere has been given the all-clear. But the locks have jammed and oxygen is running low – will you escape and breath fresh air once more? Locked inside Cell Block C (2/5 difficulty), awaiting sentencing for a crime you didn’t commit. You’ve got just 60 minutes to get out and locate the evidence you need to prove your innocence … otherwise it’s life behind bars.

Activity cost: set price of £60 per game

Top Tip… bring as many friends as possible to spread the cost!

Escape Rooms Scotland, Glasgow

  • Several difficulty levels – but all are challenging!
  • Record times available for teams to try and beat
  • Up to 60 minutes per room
  • Room designs include a murder mystery, escaping capture, Ancient Egypt, and virtual reality
  • Located on Hydepark Street, not far from the Anderston station.

Fan favourite escape rooms include Creep, The Lost Tomb, CSI: Glasgow, and even their VR Escape Room 45-minute experience. To make things even more exciting, why not try some of the other Hype Leisure activities as well such as axe throwing?

Activity cost: £13.75 pp (large groups) for traditional escape rooms or £25 pp

Top Tip… Escape Rooms Scotland closes earlier than other destinations so get in early