BrewDog To Add Gaming Zone To New Waterloo Venue

BrewDog Waterloo, due to open next summer, will house a brewery, cocktail bars, workspaces, coffee shop, a florist, shuffleboard, bowling and a slide between floors.

BrewDog is a big name in brewing. However, their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is not limited to brewing. In recent years they have adopted a bold approach to environmental responsibility through their Make Earth Great Again initiative. In 2018 they branched into running boutique hotels, with the launch of The DogHouse in Ohio. In 2019 they embraced the growing trend of non-office-based working and launched DeskDog – dedicated workspaces within BrewDog venues.

Now they are building their largest and grandest BrewDog – a 26,500 sq ft global flagship site in London’s Waterloo.

The site was once the Eurostar terminal and had been selected for the Time Out Market London – until Covid-19 brought those plans to a halt.

The BrewDog transformation, as well as being carbon neutral, will bring their exceptional range of beers and cocktails to this iconic and busy location. Guests will be able to sample street food delights from a pop-up food truck or a freshly brewed coffee from the in-house café run by partner coffee brand, Grind.  

BrewDog Waterloo will be home to a not-for-profit florist, which means a cocktail on the outdoor terrace can be enjoyed amongst the greenery and colour as well as providing the opportunity to grab a bouquet or potted plant.

The current plan is to offer shuffleboards as well as duckpin bowling. Shuffleboard is a popular bar game where players compete to slide their puck along a long, shiny table, into the scoring zone. It all seems very genteel until your friends start targeting your puck and knocking it off the table and into the gutter.  Duckpin is a shorter version of ten pin bowling, but uses stubbier pins and smaller balls, with no finger holes – so you can keep those acrylics intact! To top off the fun, rather than using the stairs to get from the upper floor back to the ground floor, you can travel by slide!

The central London location makes BrewDog Waterloo the ideal place for out-of-office working. Whether you’re making use of their extensive suite of workspaces or utilising one of their meeting rooms.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt, said: “London’s beer scene is the rival of any in the world, and our supersized plans for BrewDog Waterloo, at the epicentre of the UK’s busiest railway station, are a testament to that; this is quite simply one of the biggest things we have ever announced. We can’t wait for Londoners and visitors to the city alike to see our new flagship for the capital. Beer, bowling, cocktails and coffee; BrewDog Waterloo will be a destination for anyone seeking out great food, great drinks and an amazing time.”

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