Swingers Crazy Golf

2 Venues
Swingers Golf offer an incredible mini golf experience. Although the décor conjures up a quintessentially English ambience the vibe at Swingers is much more lively.  Offering gorgeous bespoke instagrammable cocktails, exceptional street food, innovative crazy golf courses and epic DJ sets, Swingers is a great place for a proper night out. A Swingers venue typically offers two or three, nine-hole golf courses, marked out by faux grassy lawns, curved wooden fences and leafy trees.  Feature holes offer large loops, hidden holes and impressive moving installations like the famous Swingers Windmill & Swingers Ferris Wheel. At Swingers you always know you’re going to be well fed. Sites host the very best in street food vendors including Patty&Bun, Slice By Pizza Pilgrims, Breddos and Crosstown (sites vary). Each Swingers venue houses at least one expansive bar. As you’d expect they have a wealth of drinks available. However, the stars of the show are their cocktails. Carefully crafted and shaken by professional mixologists they offer a fabulous range of Classics and Signature cocktails.  

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