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Puttshack is a high-tech mini-golfing experience. Their interactive scoring system tracks your ball so you don’t have to worry about where your teeny tiny pencil has gone or whether you’ve had too many cocktails to add up properly. The tech leads you through the games, does all the scoring and displays your golfing triumphs (and failures) onto the large screens. Puttshack venues are quite breath-taking in their quality, vibe and creativity. Each hole having been innovatively designed to allow the course to be enjoyed by complete beginners and mini-golf masters. There are holes offering trivia questions, beer pong, bonus points and the opportunity to win prizes – there could be a free drink coming your way. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another mini-golf place … Puttshack is a party venue. With the DJs mixing the tunes across the weekend and the bar serving up delicious cocktails you can fully celebrate your golfing triumph with a dance, drinks and hearty food until 1am.

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