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Hijingo is like playing bingo at a gig! Loud, colourful, high adrenaline, a real show.

Hijingo venues are kitted out with stadium grade lighting, bespoke mirrored LED video screens and 3D cinema speakers all designed to immerse you in unforgettable entertainment.

The 90-minute show is set to enthral you with incredible video graphics, a heart-stopping soundtrack and a visually spectacular bingo calling show. Not only that but there are six opportunities for you to win, take to the winner’s podium and be showered in glory.

Arrive in The Lucky Cat Bar with its countdown clock, building up the excitement to dizzying heights. If you’re one of the special ones you might also find yourself in the VIP Lucky Box.

No night would be complete without a generous helping of food and drink. The Asian inspired street food menu will delight players with choices including bao buns, dirty rice, crying tiger tears and classic burgers. The cocktail bar menu will keep you fuelled up with bespoke slushy hero drinks, craft beer and Tokyo-nights inspired own branded gin Hi-Gin-Go.

Hijingo is an 18+ venue.