Boom Battle Bar

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Boom Battle Bar is a phenomenal activity bar bringing you an incredible range of activities, so you can get your game on all night long. The range of activities varies between venues, but you’re likely to find … Axe throwing, shuffleboard, shuffleboard bounce/rebound, augmented reality dart, American pool, beer pong, crazier golf, crazier nolf, ping pong, hammerschagen, augmented reality batting cage, karaoke, skee ball and table football!! Gaming is tiring work so Boom make sure you are kept fuelled up for the night ahead. Most Boom venues serve up a wings based menu – whether that be boneless chicken or crispy cauliflower. Simply choose the number of wings you want (anything from 6-50) select your flavour and choose your dip. When it comes to flavour there’s a range of options starting from the gentle options of naked, garlic parmesan or BBQ bourbon up to Raspbetter Scotch Bonnet or The Atomic Mind Melter – can you take the heat? The bar is stacked with a wide range of drinks, including the very drinkable Boom Battle Beer. There’s beers, ciders, spirits, wine, fizz and softs. There’s also their bespoke cocktails menu. These are gorgeous and moreish – be warned! Boom Battle Bar is rapidly expanding so if there isn’t one already fairly near you, there probably will be soon.

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