Social Playlist Visits: Bounce, Farringdon

We recently sent our partners, @ventureout_ to enjoy the delights of Bounce in Farringdon. With ping pong courtesy of Bounce, they had an awesome time …

Review by Venture Out:

We firstly went to the bar and ordered some delicious cocktails, one Pornstar Martini and a Virgin Mojito. There were lots of drinks to choose from and the bar staff are happy to aide us in deciding what we wanted to drink.

Bounce is bursting with games to play. There was a shuffleboard section as well as an array of ping pong tables in the venue. 

We were given our ping pong bats and a huuuuuge basket full of table tennis balls. We then began to battle it out between the two of us, fighting for the title of ping pong champion! 

A lot of the balls will fall on the floor and it’s also probably likely that you’ll run out but this is no problem as the staff go around picking the balls up with a fishing net like contraption, and will give you a new basket full of ping pong balls once you’re all out. 

Shuffleboard was next! Again, another intense battle between the two of us. The aim of the game was easy, shuffle the slider onto the numbers and the first to 15 wins! 

Overall, Bounce was a great activity place to visit, perfect for nervous first dates, a day out with the family or just to catch up with friends and have fun!!

Where: 121 Farringdon, London, EC1N 2TD / 241 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY

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