Boom Battle Bar Hurl Darts, Axes, Shuffleboards and Fun at Lively Liverpool

When you didn’t think a night out in Liverpool could get more fun, in stroll Boom Battle Bar! With more activities under one roof than a kids’ soft play, you’re going to be in for an awesome night. 

Under the glow of neon lights Boom Battle Bar set you up for a full night of competitive gaming fun – who will be victorious?  This latest site offers you all the BBB classics, Bavarian Axe Throwing, Crazier Golf, Shuffleboard, American Pool and Beer Pong … but they are also the first venue in the UK to offer Augmented Smarts Darts

First, we had darts … chalky dust all over your jeans from trying to wipe it off your fingers, arguments over your other half’s math’s skills (or lack thereof) and sticky floors. Then we had electronic darts – tech innovation took care of the scoring, leader boards and turn taking and there were games – lots of fun games to mix up the darting fun. NOW, we have augmented darts! Augmented darts is as high-tech as you can get – patented dart tracking technology; games which are projected onto an enormous screen in which is set the aptly titled, “Smarts Board” – so all the hard work is done for you. The screen tells you when it’s your turn, what you scored, where you rank and it even projects onto the dart board exactly where you’re aiming for – it’s genius, it’s fun and it’s really addictive! 

When you’re ready for some refuelling saunter over to your pre-booked table in ICON.  With a tempting host of food on offer you’re bound to find something for everyone, including legendary burgers, wraps, steaks and chicken. Who knew that wings and waffles were a thing? 

When you’re gamed out you can grab a drink and watch live sport. You can reserve a seat to watch most live matches, fights and tournaments. If sport isn’t you’re thing then you can just shimmy around to the tunes being banged out by the resident DJ. 

So, if you’re looking for a great night out, fancy trying out some hilarious social play activities then get yourself booked in at Boom Battle Bar: Liverpool

BBB is the genius of creative Elliott Shuttleworth, who also used to be Managing Director of Flip Out. BBB is currently implementing a significant expansion plan, with sites opening up in Wandsworth, Lakeside, The O2, Aldgate East, Oxford and Eastbourne. 

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