Unleash your inner Thor and get you and your mates into axe throwing

Scotland, the home of the classic, pastimes such as golf, curling and caber tossing, but what about axe throwing, the latest and greatest activity that is taking cities across the U.K by storm?

This week we look at the triumphant trio of venues in Glasgow that will take you all the way to swinging axes like a lucky lumberjack. So grab your flannel shirts, your comfiest beanies and check out these epic venues that will deliver you and your best pals to hatchet heaving heaven.

Hatchet Harry's

  • The largest axe throwing venue in Glasgow
  • Perfect for Stag and Hen Dos
  • Right next to Union Train Station Entrance
  • Closes at 9pm Monday – Friday, earlier at the weekend

Looking to enter the Highland Games in the future? Well, there’s no better training location than Hatchet Harry’s Glasgow, the city’s largest axe-throwing venue. Certainly not hard to miss, you can find this local on Union Street Have a cracking axe-chucking time inside, where rustic wooden designs await you. With a specially trained instructor, ninety minute sessions and special in-house axes, you’ve got everything you need to master this new pursuit and have a great time while you’re at it!

But what about after you’ve mastered the game? Yeah, we get it. You’ve got the swing of it and you’re itching to get to the next level. Club nights – special nights where you can pit your skills against some of the best hatchet hurlers in the city. Even though it’s competitive, it’s very chilled as well. Great for making new friends and even order food to the venue to make a night of it!

Activity cost: £21 – £26 pp for 90 minutes

Top Tip… Ask the instructor to show you their trick shots!

Axe Hurling Glasgow

  • Four lanes can cater for up to 32 guests
  • Site also includes a Rage Room and Escape Rooms
  • Large group bookings & multi-activity offers
  • Open until 10pm every day

Get yourselves down to Axe Hurling Glasgow! Their experienced axe-throwing experts are ready to coach you to from a half-baked hatchet hacker to a top tomahawk terminator. You can then take your skills to their custom-built lanes to battle against your mates in a series of mini games with the whole experience concluding in an axe-throwing tournament, where you can claim top chopper of the day.

Group offers that allow for bookings of fifteen plus people, there’s room enough for all of your mates (if you don’t have fifteen friends yet – you certainly will when you tell them about axe-throwing)!

This venue doesn’t just have axe-throwing. Their one-of-a-kind rage room, where you’re left in a customised room for thirty minutes – each with a sledge hammer and lots of smashable items. Or perhaps you’re in the mood to get your problem solving hat on? They’ve got escape rooms and even VR escape room experiences!

Activity cost: £18 pp

Top Tip… For large groups, check out their multi-activity offers

Boom Battle Bar

  • Axe throwing lanes
  • Huge variety of other activities
  • 18+ only after 7pm
  • At weekends, open until midnight
  • Floor 1, St. Enoch Centre

Boom Battle Bar Glasgow is the sanctuary for splendid activities – chief among them being their fantastic axe-throwing experience.

One of seven amazing activities at this chock-a-block venue, their axe-throwing sessions last for a whopping sixty minutes for up to ten people, so it’s sure to meet even your highest axe-spectations. So summon your inner northern lumberjack and get slinging for victory!

If you’re looking to keep the action going, then you’re certainly in the right place! With so much more to offer, you can get your shuffle on with shuffleboard, take aim with their AR darts, hustle to victory with pool, or putt your money where your mouth is with Crazier Nolf (like golf with your hands). So what are you waiting for? Your new favourite venue awaits.

Activity cost: £65 per lane for up to 10 guests

Top Tip… No drinking before you throw or they’ll show you the door