Bad Axe Throwing Targetted for Boxpark Croydon

If Boxpark, Croydon wasn’t already wonderful enough, with its eclectic range of eateries, and popular music venue, it’s now going to become home to Bad Axe Throwing. So, after a rough day in the (home) office or a run in with kids you’ll have a place to positively vent that stress.

Following their success at Boxpark Wembley, Bad Axe Throwing are set to open this, their second UK venue, on 17th May 2021, once restrictions are lifted.

Bad Axe Throwing aim to bring the thrill of this Canadian backyard hobby to city dwellers. With established venues across Canada, the US, they opened their first UK location at Boxpark Wembley in 2019.

Adam West is from Bad Axe said: “I think the main appeal is just how fun it is!

“There’s something incredibly satisfying about hurling axes into a target, there aren’t many better feelings than nailing a kill shot or a bullseye.”

Guests are guided by a coach, who’s there to help you get the most fun out of your visit, making this an ideal outing for everyone. Already a popular activity for work team-building outings, the art of axe throwing has also gathered a celebrity following, including the likes of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). 

The game has a target, similar to one you might expect to see in archery. With a circular target, with a bullseye at the centre and concentric scoring rings.

Although Boxpark already has its outdoor dining space open, you’ll have to wait until 17th May to get your ‘axe’ on (if that’s even a phrase!). You can get ahead of the game and book online.

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