Bad Axe Throwing Targets Croydon With Fun and Hotdogs

Bad Axe Throwing UK are all set to open their second UK site at Boxpark, Croydon on Monday 17th May and there’s no way you won’t get competitive!

Social Playlist were delighted to be the very first guests invited to sample all the delights on offer at Bad Axe Throwing in Boxpark, Croydon.

The light and airy venue instantly lifts your spirits only further heightened by the sound of cocktails being shaken and hot dogs being sizzled.

It’s a great experience. A quick QR scan to facilitate waiver signing and you’ll be led by your coach through to the throwing room for some technique instruction and demonstration then off you go.  Each group have their own designated coach to offer guidance and advice on how to improve your throwing skills and get the very most from the experience. And they are really good at what they do. Having never thrown an axe before my first throws were truly awful. However in under 10 minutes we were all hitting the target, most of the time. It is incredible how quickly my competitive spirit rose to the surface once I was consistently striking the board. Before long we were all on a mission to be the first to hit the bull’s eye. I’m pleased to say that honour was mine!

Guests book in advance for a two-hour throwing session, or an hour for a walk in. Although the East Croydon venue is an 18+ venue, Bad Axe Throwing, Wembley is open to families. Yes, your kids can throw axes too.  If you want to just pop by, on a whim, they offer a one-hour, walk-in rate of £22 per person.

The food and drink offering at Bad Axe Throwing is simple but effective. Cocktails and hotdogs. With a strong desire to ensure every part of your experience is high quality and instagrammable, both food and drink are carefully made, beautifully garnished and served with a smile.  Although Bad Axe Throwing serve alcohol it is clear that this isn’t a venue to come and hit it hard. The team are all about you loving your axe throwing experience and that comes with a suitably responsible attitude to combining alcohol with axes.

Bad Axe Throwing is a dominant force in the international axe throwing world, having been founded in Canada in 2014 by CEO Mario Zelaya.  Although Bad Axe exists to bring the thrill of axe throwing to the masses there is also a strong professional link to the sport of axe throwing. Centres, including those in the UK, host axe throwing leagues with membership to The World Axe Throwing League and World Knife Throwing League.

The UK locations are run by CFO Adam West and COO Tom Clark, both of whom have a background in outdoor pursuits and forestry skill training. This enthusiastic duo are eager to spread the enjoyment of their sport and making it accessible for all. Their passion for excellence comes across strongly and is evident in the attention they give to every detail of their offering at Bad Axe Throwing UK and the nurturing of their team.

This is clearly a brilliant place to come with your work colleagues or a group of friends, plus being situated in Boxpark, Croydon means you can easily make a whole afternoon of it.  You can either book your slot online or just walk-in.

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