Alcotraz Prison Themed Cocktail Bar Now Open In Manchester

23rd July 2021

Prisons, orange jumpsuits, cocktails, it can only be Alcotraz Cocktail Bar.

With very successful sites in London and Brighton, Alcotraz opened their third site, Cell Block Three-Four, in Manchester on the 16th July.

What the inmates of Alcotraz Manchester want to know is, will you, their newest inmate, join their liquor smuggling racket? The gang have already turned a number of the guards, who can help you stash your contraband should the Warden make an appearance. When the coast is clear the “serving” inmates will use your loot to shake up truly bespoke cocktails.

This extraordinary experience begins when you book your tickets. At this point you create your prison record and await instructions from the notorious bootlegger gang inside the slammer. Will you join them or are you clean?

When you arrive, you’ll be processed and supplied with your orange jumpsuit and inmate number.  Then it’s off to the cells, for the fun to continue (well, for the next hour and three quarters). You’ll have to think creatively about where you’re going to stash that vodka you’ve brought in for the cons.

Sam Shearman, creator of Alcotraz and founder of Inventive Productions says: “The experience has been so popular within London that within a very short period of time we were able to grow the Alcotraz brand to have multiple sites, including one in Brighton.

“We are now absolutely thrilled to bring this unique concept to Manchester and launch our biggest and most ambitious Alcotraz to date.”

Inventive Productions also run Moonshine Saloon,  a wild west themed cocktail bar, where smuggling and evading the Sheriff are the order of play.

Location: 1a Watson Street, Manchester, M3 4EE
Cost: £29.99 in the prison commissary area, £35.99 within the cells
Age: 18+

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